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Email Continuity



A backup email service in-case of an outage:

Continuity Email prevents interruptions to users when your local or cloud based email infrastructure is not accessible for any reason.
DuoCircle offers a redundant email system that provides uninterrupted access to your email in the event of your primary email server not being available because of an outage or during a scheduled maintenance window. All emails pass through the DuoCircle Email Gateway service to block spam malware and phishing attempts.

How it works:

Email Continuity is an always-on service, that  automatically mirrors the past 7 days of your email history and makes it accessible via a webmail portal. New emails are queued for delivery when access to your primary mail server is restored as well as replicated to the Email Continuity portal. Users will be able to securely send and receive email via the optimized webmail client from any device. Once the the interruption to your primary email service has been resolved your queued inbound email will be delivered to your primary server.

Email Continuity equals productivity

Imagine the serious impact on most business’s productivity if your employees were not able to send or receive email for several hours or even days. How long can your business survive without without email? Email is still the number one communication tool for both internal and external communications – without email, most businesses are at a standstill.

Email Continuity is an always-on insurance and productivity tool that functions as a replication for your email server not only guaranteeing email delivery via queuing when the issue is resolved, but providing full email productivity during the outage. Users will be able to login and continue sending, receiving and reading emails using the secure web based email portal.

Protection for G Suite and Office 365

Office 365 and Google provide cloud based solutions for email and collaboration, but your business email and productivity is reliant on being able to connect to that platform. DuoCircle provides mail access via a webmail portal when your hosted email platform is not available.

Get Protected and Stay productive

Using Email Continuity is quick and painless to setup while providing your business with a safety net for anytime you have an email outage.

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