Different Types Of Email Security Solutions Can Help Prevent Phishing Attempts By Cybercriminals

Emails are the most convenient channels of communication in today’s digital age of computers and the internet. Every computer literate person has either sent or received emails in their lives. They have their benefits and drawbacks, as well. The significant disadvantage of emails is that hackers use this medium to transmit messages with malicious content to steal confidential data and cause irreparable harm. However, business organizations and individual users can adopt different types of email security solutions to counter this threat from cybercriminals.


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What Is Email Security?

To understand what is email security properly, why and when one need it. An email is a window that hackers use to penetrate your computer systems. Just as you have insect screens on windows to prevent pests from entering your home, you can install software to secure the access and content of your email accounts. Such collective measures define email security.

Individuals, as well as business organizations, can use these services to protect overall access to either one or their entire enterprise accounts.

Email Security Features

Email security services provide various types of email security solutions. Some of the principal email security features are as follows.

Spam Filters

A significant proportion of emails that you receive daily are marketing emails. These emails clog the email inbox in such a way that you almost miss out on some of the official or essential emails. Secondly, cybercriminals take advantage of these marketing emails by pushing in their phishing emails, as well. An unsuspecting user might open such emails and click on the malicious links provided in the phishing email. It could lead to severe repercussions like compromising one’s financial details such as bank accounts, credit card numbers, and so on.

Installing spam filters can help in separating these marketing and phishing emails by directing them to a distinctive email inbox. In this way, your regular email inbox does not get clogged. Secondly, you do not miss any crucial business email.

A vital email security feature is that you can schedule the deletion of spam emails at fixed intervals. They can be deleted automatically without needing to open them.

Anti-virus Protection

Spam filters play the role of separating the spam emails from the regular ones. However, these emails remain in the inbox for a specific period following which they get deleted automatically. There is always a likelihood of the user accessing the spam email inbox and opening these email attachments.

Hackers send malicious content through such email attachments and spurious links in the messages. If a user unwittingly clicks on such links or downloads such files, there are chances of viruses spreading to their information systems. The right way to deal with such situations is to have robust anti-virus protection. This software program scans each incoming and outgoing email for malicious content and blocks their entry or exit, as the case may be. Hence, it offers better protection than the spam filters because it identifies and eliminates these viruses that can create havoc with the computer network systems.

Image & Content Control

Hackers use emails for phishing purposes. The email attachments can contain files, links, and even images. There have been numerous phishing instances in recent times where cybercriminals managed to transmit malicious software through images. Therefore, it becomes vital for email security services to protect the systems by scanning images, as well. It is one of the most crucial aspects of email security in information security.

Data Encryption

Your email data is at its most vulnerable position when it is in transit. Generally, it is transmitted in an open format. It allows cybercriminals to intercept these messages in transit and use them to lift confidential data. You could have spam filters installed on your system to identify and segregate spam emails. You could also have anti-virus protection in place. However, these email security features are of little use when you expose your email content when it is in transit.

The ideal solution is to encrypt the data sent through email. It is one of the major topics of importance regarding email security in cryptography systems. This security feature ensures that your outgoing emails are data encrypted in all respects, thereby not allowing any leeway for the hacker to infiltrate them. Advanced cryptography features safeguard the encryption of the recipient’s details and email message headers, as well. Therefore, the cybercriminals do not have any means to know either the contents or the details of the recipients of your emails.

Encrypting your emails entails that you make it difficult for hackers to access the contents of the emails. Every business organization, or for that matter, every individual, should have this email security feature installed on their computer network. It is one of the best ways to avoid becoming victims of phishing attempts.

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Final Word

Cybercriminals are becoming smarter by the day. They are inventing new ways of hacking into computer networks all over the world. Therefore, one should be a couple of steps ahead of these hackers. Adopting different types of email security solutions can significantly help you in your endeavor. Phishing attempts have become common today. With the growth in the usage of computers in daily activities, it is natural for cybercriminals to up their ante, as well. Hence, one should adopt proactive means of securing one’s emails. The aforementioned email security features should be the ideal solutions.

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