How Spam Filter Services Are Proving To Be Indispensable To Business Organizations

Spam filter services prove to be the ideal solution to protect your business emails.

In today’s world of digital communication, emails assume the prime place of importance. A Statista report shows that over 340 billion emails will be sent and received per day by the year 2023. Obviously, several of these are spam emails. These can be in the form of phishing emails, hoax account closure warnings, attractive offers, and vouchers. Since the number of spam emails is so massive, it can be exponentially difficult to maintain cybersecurity. Email spam filters can provide the indispensable protection which organizations require.


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The Role Of Email Spam Filter Services In Safeguarding An Organization

A critical point that seems to get skipped by many business managers is the role of these spam filter services. A single spam email is enough to compromise the security posture of the entire organization! Imagine the harm hundreds and thousands of these emails can cause to the system if there were no spam filter solutions to prevent them.

Installing an active email spam filter can result in the blocking of more than 99% of spam emails. Therefore, the employee is left with only a few spam emails to deal with daily. It leads to increasing the overall productivity of the employee as well as the organization.


What Features Should An Anti-spam Filter Have?

An anti-spam filter can have different features depending on the needs of individuals and organizations. However, these general points are vital in any ideal filter

It Should Be Easy To Set Up & Use

An email spam filter has to manage several threats, including phishing, ransomware, and other email-borne malware. Hence, an anti-spam filter should include acceptable spam thresholds, whitelists, blacklists, and other recipient verification tools. However, organizations should ensure that they are easy to use, so they can be used by the least technical of employees as well.

Spam Filtering Solutions Should Scan Both Inbound And Outbound Emails

Usually, business entities concentrate on scanning inbound emails for spam. But, they need to browse outbound emails for spam and malware as well. Cybercriminals are smart enough to compromise business email accounts and use them to send bulk spam emails from trusted sources. Therefore, spam filtering solutions should scan outbound emails, which can identify any attempts to use your business email account for sending spam. It will also block employees from sending emails that have been infected with malware. As a result, it can also help in preventing your business email address from being blacklisted.


Spam Filtering Solutions: The Modern Concept Of Greylisting

Greylisting is a modern concept based on listing emails. It is equipped with a simple outlook and is a unique concept in force today. It adopts a midway route between blacklisting and whitelisting. Blacklisting results in the blocking of all emails from the specific email address, whereas whitelisting treats the email source as genuine and allows the receipt of emails from it. Greylisting is different in the sense that it reverts any suspicious email to the unknown sender with a ‘delivery failed’ message. If the source is genuine, then the email is resent. However, if it was a spam email, then delivery is not attempted again, and this domain is blacklisted as a spammer for future prevention. It helps to identify the non-genuine emails sent from the spammers’ IP addresses that have not yet been recorded on SUBURL spam filtering solutions or Real-Time Blacklists.

The prime drawback of greylisting is that it consumes time in the process of resending the email message, thereby delaying the delivery of critical business emails, as well. However, not all spam filter services use Greylisting. All enterprise spam filters should have this mechanism, as it can end up saving billions of dollars for the business organizations.


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The Importance Of Enterprise Spam Filters

Unsolicited business emails end up eating millions of productivity hours for business organizations. Hence, an enterprise spam filter helps these business entities strengthen their defenses against these cybercriminals.

An enterprise spam filter is different from the regular spam filter service as it has all the security protocols necessary to identify and isolate spam emails of all categories. The failure to have one can result in spoofing and phishing emails finding their way into the business entity’s inbox. Therefore an enterprise spam filter service capable of providing real-time spam and virus protection should be the best bet to deal with unwanted business emails.


How Does An Enterprise Spam Filter Service Work?

The enterprise spam filter service uses multi-layered security mechanisms to identify and quarantine emails.

  • These spam filtering solutions inspect each email against a real-time database of IP address having a reputation for spamming in the past.
  • It also checks the content of the email for malware by using an exclusive antivirus engine.
  • The emails that fail to pass the inspection are sent for quarantine. It enables the end-user to identify genuine emails and allow the senders to be whitelisted.
  • An essential aspect of an enterprise spam filter service is that it scans outbound emails for spam. Thus, it protects the organization’s reputation.


Examine Enterprise Spam Filter Reviews And Ratings To Select Your Ideal Spam Filter

To select an anti-spam filter to safeguard an organization is a vital task for fortifying against cybercriminals. Since an organization typically holds an extensive database of employees and related companies, exposing their network system to hackers can have a domino effect.

Several factors should be considered while deciding on an anti-spam filter service. Cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance are among the top features that any enterprise should consider.

With the advent of Cloud Anti-Spam services, many organizations tend to shift to this new filter service for ease of usage.

An organization must first carefully understand the features, pros, and cons that an anti-spam filter brings, reviews, and ratings by other customers can give an honest insight into the functionality of the filter in question.

In this digital age, all business organizations must have the best enterprise spam filtering solutions working for them. These email spam filters not only identify and isolate spam emails but also end up improving the overall productivity of the employees. By using features like greylisting, it also helps in protecting the reputation of the organizations while dealing with the threats at the same time. In a way, one can call these spam filter services as indispensable to the functioning of the organization today.

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