Spam Filtering, Email Archiving and Outbound SMTP
Trusted by Over 25,000 Businesses Worldwide

Located in San Diego, California DuoCircle is an email security company for small and medium businesses. We have a very security-focused approach to message handling and we have built in the most commonly requested features for IT services companies, Managed Service Providers, and internal IT departments.

Our services are easy enough for an office manager to set up and flexible enough for a CTO to customize to their business needs.

Our core values include:

  • Ensuring the deliverability, security, privacy of every message and every customer is our mission.
  • Explaining technical details to non-technical customers is our duty. Everyone should understand how the service works and should feel comfortable approaching us for even “minor” issues.
  • We will be approachable, transparent and forthcoming with both the good and the bad news we have to share.
  • Deliver value that exceeds the amount that the customer is spending on our service.

If you have questions or concerns you should feel free to contact us.

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