Hosted Email Services: Parameters To Be Considered Before Selecting One

Information about the meaning of hosted email services as well as how to choose one

Creating a website has become as easy as creating an image in MS Paint. Almost every website builder comes with an email hosting facility that enables the owner to receive emails under the same domain name.

This is one type of hosted email services. There are two other types of hosting that are available along with the above.


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Small Business Email Hosting

Small business email hosting is one of the most widely used email services by small businesses because it allows the user to pay on a per-user basis. When email services were first launched, it was complicated to get a separate server for each domain; however, that’s not the case anymore. Organizations can easily get developers to create a server-based mailbox, which they can use individually.


Unlimited Email Hosting

Organizations like Microsoft provide these mailboxes, where all the storage is on a cloud platform and offers unlimited email hosting. With such a hosting service, the storage capacity is infinite, and the exchange of emails is also faster. The only drawback of such hosted email services is that one has to buy an entire package for the service, irrespective of the number of users.


Free Email Hosting Providers

Web-hosting companies also provide free email hosting services, where they run and control the servers. When you buy a domain from a third-party, they provide these email hosting services for free or for nominal rates; however, the email storage capacity is not much. To get more storage, one has to upgrade to a paid version or pay a higher amount.


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Few Parameters To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Personal & Cheap Email Hosting

Check for the payment system

A hosting service that provides the facility to pay per user is the best choice for many cases. This helps in saving cost for the user organization.

Check for the base

For individual business owners and personal email hosting, a third-party hosted email service works well; however, if the organization comprises of more than 1000 people, cloud-based or own server-based services are desirable.

Check for the compatibility and configuration

Since operating systems get updated regularly, the email service should be compatible or at least upgradable so that it runs on all the systems of the user.

Check for the features

Video conferences, as well as the ability to schedule meetings, are some of the basic features that a mailbox should be equipped with, along with the purpose for which it is made. Any organization, be it big or small, needs to schedule meetings regularly, which is communicated via emails.

Check for the security features

In no way should the emails be accessible to anyone outside the organization. Also, the mailbox should recognize any phishing emails or spam emails and route them to the spam/junk folder.

Check for extra features

Certain features such as email forwarding facility and cheap email hosting may be needed. Other extra features include email filtering, email encryption, sharing of emails via Google Drive, etc. Such additional perks come in handy if the user is handling multiple domains at the same time. For example, email forwarding can reduce the workload by forwarding emails from different domains to a specified inbox.


Do you need To Buy A Business Email?

Organizations should carefully select hosted email services as per their requirements. Some organizations require basic features in their company mailboxes and may find the right solutions with free email hosting providers, while others may require something extra and thus need to buy business emails; however, whatever the choice is, one should not compromise on the security. The security features should be robust and accurate so that there are no threats to the company from any hacker.

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