Exchange Spam Filters Work Flawlessly In Combination With Third-Party Solutions To Provide Safety

Installing third-party spam detecting solutions along with Microsoft in-built exchange spam filters can help block spam and protect your systems.

Communication by email has tremendous importance in today’s times. Very few businesses in the world use the snail mail for correspondence. As emails are the quickest mode of communication, they end up saving a lot of time and money. However, email correspondence comes with its share of problems. Along with the useful emails, you have to contend with the malicious ones, as well. Therefore you need protection such as exchange spam filters to take care of spam and malicious content at the same time.


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What Is The Exchange Spam Filter?

The Exchange spam filter is present as a default application in MS Windows. The role of the default Exchange spam filter is to block spam and protect the business organizations from email-borne threats that include malware, phishing, and ransomware. Though it is present by default, people do not consider the Exchange spam filter seriously when compared to third-party anti spam solutions.


Why Do People Prefer Third-Party Anti Spam Solutions?

The third-party anti spam filters perform the same functions that the Exchange spam filter does, but the difference is in the approach to the task of detecting spam. The third-party solutions use mechanisms like Greylisting and SUBURL filtering to detect spam and halt them in their ranks.

Therefore, people use these solutions as an additional line of defense to complement the efforts of the built-in Exchange 2019 spam filters.


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How Are Third-Party Solutions Better?

Let us now check out how these third-party solutions provide additional support. We shall soon see how Greylisting and SUBURL can protect your network systems.

  • Greylisting prevents the entry of spam emails from previously unknown sources.
  • SUBURL filtering uses a different method in the sense that they detect malicious URLs within the email content. It also prevents the users from clicking on these links that could go on to damage their systems.


How Can Greylisting And SUBURL Enhance Exchange Email Security?

It would be excellent if Greylisting and SUBURL were present in the Exchange Email Security in the first place. However, the best aspect is that you can purchase them separately and have them installed to supplement the work of Exchange Email Security.

Another positive aspect of Greylisting and SUBURL is that they work independently of the Exchange email security. Therefore, they enhance spam detection rates considerably. Statistics show that Greylisting can increase spam detection rates from 99% achieved by Exchange spam filters to 99.97%. Now, that is an impressive performance.

However, Greylisting has a drawback because it can delay the receipt of the email messages by a few minutes. However, this problem can be addressed by using the Greylisting feature in combination with whitelisting for trusted senders. Under such circumstances, it will ensure not to delay the critical emails.

SUBURL filtering is similar to the exchange spam filters in many ways. However, instead of comparing the IP address of inbound emails with a list of renowned spam sources, this method compares the links present inside the emails with the list of URLs that have a reputation for being malicious.


What Does Exchange Email Security Lack?

One of the absent features in Exchange Email Security is anti spam exchange outbound scanning. This feature is essential for Office 365 users because of the introduction of the IP reputation marking system. It not only affects the communication channels but also results in the business’ website being blacklisted for spam.

However, the silver lining is that Office 365 users can access antispam exchange outbound filtering if they pay for it through an Exchange online protection package.


What Is Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?

MS Exchange Online Protection is a cloud-based email spam filter service that can protect your business organization from malware and spam while safeguarding your enterprise from messaging-policy violations. It is useful because it eliminates the need for installing separate hardware or software. Thus, it alleviates your burden and simplifies the management of your messaging environment.


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What Are The Features Of Exchange Online Protection?

Exchange online protection can prevent spam and malware while maintaining access to email during and after emergencies. It helps to simplify the administration of the messaging environment by providing layers of protection features.

Exchange online protection provides a high level of security and reliability for protecting your information.

  • Eliminate threatsExchange online protection provides multi-layered real-time antispam and anti-malware protection to eliminate threats before they reach the corporate firewall.
  • Protect the business’ IP reputation – The latest security features uses separate outbound delivery pools for high-risk email. Therefore, it ends up protecting the IP reputation of companies.
  • Exchange online protection provides a high quality of service that includes protection from 99% of spam and 100% of known viruses.
  • This system comes with a globally load-balanced network of data centers to help achieve a 99.9999% network uptime.


Advantages Of Exchange 2019 Spam Filter

Exchange online protection makes it easier to protect your business from external threats.

  • One of the most significant benefits of Exchange online protection is that it does not require any hardware or software to install, maintain, and manage it. Therefore, it minimizes your up-front investment.
  • It is a subscription-based service for customers. Exchange online protection is included in any Office 365 plan that includes Exchange Online.
  • It reduces the need for in-house email security services and therefore simplifies IT environments.
  • Another critical advantage of Exchange online protection is that it ensures that no email is bounced or lost. It queues up the email if it finds the destination email server to be busy for some reason.

Exchange online protection controls your computer environment while providing email protection at the same time.

  • It is easy to manage and administer the system from the Exchange Administration Center through a single web-based interface.
  • It provides policy-based filtering to ensure compliance with government regulations and corporate policies.
  • IT-level support is available throughout the year without incurring any additional cost.


Final Words

Protection against spam is of critical importance in today’s environment. With more businesses becoming online, hackers and cybercriminals are having a field day with their phishing and other malicious activities. Therefore exchange spam filters are necessary to stop these attempts in their tracks and provide a safe environment for your business to function. An Exchange online protection plan complements these in-built exchange 2019 spam filters and enhances the protection levels considerably.

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