Immediately Restore Lost, Missing or Deleted Email Messages

Build for Catastrophic Failures, Yet Simple Enough to Recover a Single Lost Message

One-Click Recovery to Your Lost Emails

Have you ever lost emails because of a misconfiguration on your mail server?

We know what it’s like to loose an email or a mail server, before your email backups are completed for the evening.

A single click on the “replay” button does the trick. Rather than having to suffer the loss of an important message… or even tens of thousands of important emails.

Works Right Out of The Box

Message Replay from DuoCircle is a secure and encrypted short term email archive of all your emails – for up to 45 days.

Our exclusive email message replay is included in all Spam Filtering plans. It starts working immediately and provides a straightforward way to recover lost email.

An easy to use dashboard provides full access to your email meta data so that you can recover and deliver inbound messages that have been deleted, corrupted or lost for any reason.

Free Short-Term Email Archiving

Not ready as yet to commit to a complete email archiving solution for your emails?

Our Email Message Replay provides up to 45 days of short term email archive and disaster recovery solution. All accounts include a 24-hour short term queue that can be upgraded for longer retention times.

Message Replay is part of our multi-layered approach to email protection called Advanced Threat Defense.

Short Term Email Archive

24 hours backups of all incoming email that can easily be redelivered to your server. Accessible anytime.

One-Click Emergency Backup

Recover a single email or redeliver thousands of messages to your mail server with the click of a button.

Error Independent Recovery

Failed Hard Drive or misconfigured Email? We can get your every email message back to you, irrespective.

Here’s How It Works

Email Continuity is an always-on service, that automatically mirrors the past 7 days of your email history  and,

makes it accessible via an easy to use and lightning fast webmail portal.

New emails are queued for delivery when access to your primary mail server is restored as well as replicated to the Email Continuity portal.

Users will be able to securely send and receive email via the optimized webmail client from any device.

Once the interruption to your primary email service has been resolved your queued inbound email will be delivered to your primary server.

Users will be able to login and continue sending, receiving and reading emails using the secure web based email portal, with phishing protection.

Advanced Threat Defense Includes


  • Zero Hour Malware and Ransomware Protection
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Inbound Message Volume
  • Spam Filtering
  • Domain Name Spoofing Protection
  • 24/7 email, chat and phone support.
  • Malicious Attachment Blocking
  • Activity logs – Real time access to the mail queue and click reporting.
  • Smart Quarantine
  • 30 Day Backup queue – 30 Days of MX backup service included.

Join the thousands of organizations that use DuoCircle

Find out how affordable it is for your organization today and be pleasantly surprised.

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