What Are Some Of The Best Barracuda Alternatives You Should Know!

The best substitutes for Barracuda software considering features, reviews, and effectiveness.

Being an entrepreneur or marketer or a business enterprise, it’s natural for anyone to look out for the best email security service. While Barracuda continues to be a top choice for global organizations, marketers often seek cheaper packages that can fit into their budget. This explains why you might be looking for the best Barracuda alternatives because a powerful email security gateway software can leverage your stand against online threats.

Even if you are already using Barracuda, you must know that other productive and intelligent solutions are available on the market. Considering better features, user interfaces, and security mechanisms, it’s logical enough to opt for one of the best Barracuda alternatives. We have listed the best solutions for you here, taking user ratings, pricing, and features as the parameters.

email security service

Best Barracuda Alternatives


email security service

DuoCircle is one of the most preferred key players in the email security space.Their email security solutions not only provides protection from phishing scams, ransomware & malware attacks, but also against spoofing and impersonation detection. They specialize in advanced threat defense for email links, Outbound SMTP for ensuring inbox delivery with DKIM Signed mail, email backup, etc.


MimeCast email security gateway is presently one of the best alternatives for Barracuda. With this software in place, organizations and their employees can remain secure from malware, spam, spear-phishing, and zero-day attacks. MimeCast blends several detection engines, innovative policies, and applications, and intelligence feeds to ward off sophisticated attacks.

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Cisco Email Security is a product of a reputed software company from the US. Apart from providing the users with adequate online support, the software features email archiving and threat protection. Other perks of using this software include anti-malware features, end-to-end encryption, sandbox, analytics, and reporting. Besides, users can significantly benefit from the real-time dashboards available in this tool.

Zoho Mail

One of the best Barracuda alternatives, Zoho Mail, offers secure email hosting services. Organization heads love this tool, given that it is robust, encrypted, secure, and ad-free. Besides, the software boasts as much as 99.9% uptime. Zoho mail also supports encryption, both end-to-end and at rest. Along with this, it offers S/MIME message encryption. Users also benefit from the well-organized control panel to configure the settings and customize their emails. With this software at your disposal, you can seamlessly set up policies, manage group aliases, and moderate the content of your business emails.

N-able Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure happens to be one of the best Barracuda alternatives with its reliable and secure email archiving and protection platform. With this tool in place, enterprises can shield themselves from malware, phishing, ransomware, impersonation, spoofing, and other threats borne by emails. With state-of-the-art email protection and archiving services, the tool warrants an incredible user experience. With 24/7 email continuity, collective threat intelligence, and a multi-tenant web interface, you can streamline your processes. You can also enjoy transparency and visibility over the flow of emails through its predefined views and reporting settings.


FortiMail is a reliable email security gateway, offering a multi-layered and comprehensive approach to organize both outbound and inbound email traffic. As an authentic vector, FortiMail offers the most extensive portfolio of security solutions in the industry. This includes zero-day protections, security against advanced threats, identity management, and security-driven networking. With its holistic approach to ensure email security, it easily serves as one of the best Barracuda alternatives for enterprises.

Forcepoint Email Security

Forcepoint offers a simple email encryption solution, known for its speed and cost-effectiveness. This tool secures the channel of communication at the initial stages of advanced attacks. This software is powerful enough for identifying high-risk users, targeted threats, and insider threats. At the same time, it bolsters mobile security while enterprises adopt fresh technologies such as Microsoft Office 365. The email encryption of Forcepoint involves a policy-driven technology that secures email delivery. Its seamless administration also removes the traditional barriers like complexity and excess costs.


Final Words

While looking for the best Barracuda alternatives, users generally consider parameters such as support, quality of service, deployment, and integration. We have considered all these criteria while shortlisting these six substitutes of Barracuda. As enterprises continue struggling against online adversaries in the information age, a robust email security service is the need of the hour. An all-encompassing tool ensuring secure emails can strengthen your line of defense against cybercriminals.

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