Mimecast Alternatives: The Next Wave Of Cyber Security Solutions

Numerous Mimecast alternatives provide many efficient email security solutions to thwart cyber threats.

Mimecast email security with threat protection is among the most comprehensive email security software in the market. It gives all-around protection to the email services and ensures that hacking and phishing exercises are minimal. Mimecast is always up-to-date with the technological advancements of the times and provides the latest Cloud Email Security solutions.

One of the trends that most IT researchers get to see is the need for more advanced versions in the software systems offering all-around protection at an affordable price. The market is replete with email security solutions that range from the basics to the best. It has become more challenging for users to select what’s good for them. Below is a quick list of some of the Mimecast alternatives that help protect email systems.


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When the goal is the delivery of your organizations’s email to your customer’ inboxes safely and securely, DuoCircle is one of the most preferred key players in the email security space. They specialize in advanced threat defense for email links, Outbound SMTP for ensuring inbox delivery with DKIM Signed mail, email backup, etc. The security solutions are designed to provide protection from phishing emails, ransomware & malware attacks, and against spoofing and impersonation detection.



The secure SD-WAN provides some of the most comprehensive security solutions to its users as it is the fastest-growing cybersecurity provider by revenue. It has both outbound and inbound protection and filters against phishing and spam, making it a reliable Mimecast alternative. Fortinet, over the years, has developed some of the best email security products that have taken the market by storm. With the growing need for email security, Fortinet is the next best thing for users.


Symantec (Broadcom)

Symantec from Broadcom is another security solution provider established as one of the frontrunners in the email security business. It promises to provide an all-around comprehensive email security suite that will also extend protection to other integrations such as Office 365 and Google Apps, and many more. Its robust spam filter enables the user to handle their email facility without any hassle or fear.



It claims to be one of the best in the business of cybersecurity. Over 200,000 hours are spent annually by FireEye responding to threats of various natures. The security provider is a publicly traded, Milpitas-based cybersecurity specialist with a range of solutions catering to a vast range of clientele. The FireEye Email Security solution enables the user to manage most threats effectively. It comes with a robust filter that detects and directs spam and phishing emails to their respective bins. FireEye Cloud security provides the most holistic approach towards security. One can also use its Mandiant threat Intelligence tool that helps decipher upcoming dangers.



When it comes to an AI-based cybersecurity system, the Darktrace Immune System is the one to approach. It provides an autonomous cyber defense platform that detects, analyses, and responds effectively to most cyber threats. All these actions happen in real-time too. From basic phishing attempts through emails to sophisticated ransomware attacks, Darktrace will be able to thwart all through its self-learning and self-healing mechanism.



Intradyn’s Email Archiver is another excellent business solution as it stores all electronic communications that businesses need during litigations, Right-to-Know inquiries, and eDiscovery requests. Besides, Intradyn offers a Social Media Archiver that provides facilities like a crawler to capture and archive messages from social media accounts in real-time. One of the highlights of this solution is its excellent customer service, scalability, and intuitive search capabilities. The pricing options are also reasonable. However, there is no inbuilt threat protection capability, and some workloads can consume substantial computing resources. The solution offers IMAP/POP3 support.



Barracuda’s Message Archiver is unique because it helps businesses to create perfect duplicates of every email message handled by their servers, with copies in the cloud. Another advantage of Barracuda is that its Message Archiver seamlessly integrates with email servers like MS Office 365, MS Exchange, and Gmail. The only area of concern could be its pricing that varies depending on the configuration settings. However, users get an opportunity to opt for a free trial before purchasing the service.



Veritas offers a trustworthy email archiving solution through its Enterprise Vault. It allows users to perform various tasks such as automated data retention, reviewing electronic communications to improve compliance, and implementing a custom policy-based framework for retention management. Besides, Enterprise Vault integrates with other Veritas solutions and offers advanced search capabilities and seamless cloud migration. Though Enterprise Vault is a robust email archiving solution, it can prove costly for small businesses. Besides, it has its drawbacks of administrative complexity and lack of scalability options.



The most significant cyber threats today originate through emails. OnDMARC can help stop spoofing attacks and block email impersonation to provide real-time protection. The SPF lookup limit of 10 helps ensure a secure inbox and boosts email deliverability. In addition, OnDMARC comes equipped with threat intelligence that automatically identifies threats and helps users block them faster. It automates the entire procedure and provides explicit instruction on preventing and intercepting unauthorized use of a domain. Thus, it protects business email communications internally and externally.


N-able Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure is a robust email archiving solution for long-term storage and protects against email-borne attacks. It is one of the ideal solutions to fall back on when the primary server goes down. This email archiving solution is engineered to support productivity with 24×7 inbuilt email continuity. It features Intelligent Protection and Filtering Engine that help fight back email threats. Besides searching all emails from a full encrypted email archive, Mail Assure safeguards Microsoft 365 email by providing an additional security layer. As a result, it qualifies as one of the most reliable email archiving solutions.


TitanHQ ArcTitan

One of the strengths of TitanHQ is its scalability, as it provides you with a feature to expand the storage capacity as your business’s email bulk keeps growing. TitanHQ’s ArcTitan is an advanced email security option that features custom permissions to help users retrieve lost or deleted emails. The solution is 100% GDPR compliant as it comes equipped with tamper-evident audit tools. However, users have opined that it is not user-friendly with specific setups, especially the mass deployment of MS Outlook integration. While this solution offers perpetual cloud storage, it is an expensive proposition for small businesses. Nevertheless, it is one of the reliable solutions due to the high-quality customer service it offers.



Avanan can stop the most sophisticated phishing attacks before they reach the inbox, as it is powered by True AI and trained on comprehensive data sets. Besides, this email security solution offers full-suite protection for all collaborative apps. Other than phishing attacks, Avanan protects systems from ransomware, BEC, account takeover, and supply chain attacks, too. One of its clinching factors is the ease of deployment, as installing the solution only takes less than five minutes. It is a popular alternative to Mimecast, as seen from its 5000 plus customer base, with more than 60% coming from large enterprises.



Besides the paid email archiving software discussed above, there are also free yet reliable solutions available. MailStore Home is one such package specially designed for home users with functions like one-click restoration, a full-text search feature, and mobile archiving. Perhaps the most positive aspect of MailStore Home is its ability to store data without requiring an external database management system. While it is popular because of its affordability, it has a few drawbacks. For instance, it does not offer in-app support, and customers have complained about it being slow at times. However, MailStore offers two paid versions, MailStore Server and MailStore Service Provider Edition, which manage such issues.



The requirements of government departments and corporations can be different from that of small and medium business entities. ArcMail is a specialist email archiving software solution specially designed for such entities. It offers three deployable options, Virtual Archiving Software, ArcMail Defender (an archiving appliance), and a Cloud/ On-premises hybrid gateway solution. These solutions are perfect for highly regulated sectors like financial services and healthcare, given that it offers a combination of scalability with compliance to regulations and eDiscovery requests. The positive aspect of ArcMail is that it is one of the most straightforward solutions to use. In addition, users get the benefit of viewing a live demo customized to their specific use case. However, the solution has several drawbacks: hardware issues, slow search functionality at times, etc.


CISCO Secure Email

Cisco’s Secure Email uses a multiple-layer approach to provide your business with proactive email security measures which are able to stop malicious emails before they can infiltrate your organization’s digital network(s). Besides providing the typical protective measures against threats such as phishing, business email compromise, malware in attachments, and ransomware, it offers many other advanced features such as end-to-end encryption, reputation filtering, forged email detection, spam protection, among other capabilities. It is especially suitable for larger businesses, as the software solution is highly flexible and can simultaneously be deployed across multiple channels, such as Cloud, VM, and On-premise. There is also a hybrid solution available. Overall, it is an excellent solution for mid to large-sized enterprises, which offers features and functionalities required to tackle today’s email-based threats. For pricing, there are no bundle packages available, and one has to reach out to Cisco directly to get a quote per their requirements. There is a 30-day trial available.


Final Words

Mimecast has been an empowering influence in the cybersecurity business, and there are quite a few Mimecast alternatives that are vying with it. Mimecast and each of the other options are constantly fighting the increasing strengths of the adversaries for securing the complex email communication systems of countless business organizations. In a world beset with ever-increasing cyber threats, it is heartening that innovations in cybersecurity solutions are willing to respond with lightning speeds.

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