What Do You Need To Know About Email Filtering Services?

What is email filtering services, why you need them, and how you should approach making the right choice for yourself.

An email filtering service is a process of filtering emails that are inbound to the user’s mailbox and outgoing from the user’s server. Inbound email filtering checks and filters the incoming emails for spam, malware, suspicious links, etc. and also organizes the messages into different categories or folders. Outbound filtering scans the user’s outgoing emails so that it enforces employees’ adherence to the organization’s policy. It also ensures that no spam, malicious content, or sensitive data makes it out of the server unauthorized.

Email filtering services can be of different types, and organizations can choose the deployment methods – as a cloud-based service or as an on-premise solution – according to their requirements.


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Why Do You Need Email Filtering Solutions?

Emails are the most common vector of cyberattacks. In a typical scenario of a successful attack, as an example, an employee of a company receives a phishing email and opens it. The link or the attachment the user opened consists of malware that spreads like a virus in the system. Not only does it extract all the data from inside the hard drive, but it also gives the attacker the ability to operate the server of the host. This event means that the attacker can track every email that any user from the organization sends, thus exposing the entire company to the threat of leakage of highly confidential data. The hackers may also carry out more phishing in the name of the organization, appearing as a trustworthy source and maximizing their chance for more success.

Any data leakage can result in a sequence of disasters, not just for one organization, but for many others with whom it has a dealing, too. Such leakage of business and client information includes financial details, company policies, future budget, and profit plans, etc. This security failure can amount to a massive loss of finances as well as the organization’s future aspects as a whole. When an organization suffers from these attacks, so do the employees, clients, related businesses, as well as shareholders.

Most of the popular email platforms have basic filtering capabilities, but these are often not enough countermeasures against the ever-evolving and sophisticated hackers. Thus arises the need for dedicated email spam filtering services.


What Can Email Filtering Tools Help You With?


To have a robust and reliable anti-spam measure in place.

Inbound Email Filtering

To save yourself from outside attacks such as phishing, malware, suspicious contents, etc.

To save your employees, clients, and other related business entities from crippling losses.

Outbound Filtering

To build a positive reputation by ensuring that no spam or malicious content goes out in your name.


To boost productivity in your organization by automating your email categorization process.


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How to Select Email Filtering Security Providers?

While selecting an email filtering service provider, one should keep the below factors in mind:

Anti-Spam Accuracy and Customizability

The spam and phishing emails detected should be verified to minimize any chance of a legitimate email being tagged as spam. There can be critical emails identified as suspicious, which may cause a considerable loss for the user. The solution you get should be accurate and have easily-adjustable sensitivity controls to avoid costly mistakes.


The features of the inbound email filtering should match the standards that the company follows. Likewise, you should be able to ensure adherence to your organization’s email policies and regulations through the email filtering service.

Extra Features Of The Email Filter App

Working beyond the protocol of general spam detectors is an added feature that one should look for in the email filter app. Emails can be copied or tracked, and there is a possibility that the attacker copied the entire format of the email. These programs have the code to build identical email addresses as of the company domain. The email filtering service should be able to identify such falsified email senders too.

Efficient Customer Support

You should not underestimate the importance of efficient customer support. In case you face any trouble with spam detection or any other issue, the customer support should be able to address the problem immediately.

Cost Efficiency

Email filtering services can be costly. But don’t let this stop you from deploying an email filtering service. Some services do not cost much. You should carefully assess your requirements and select accordingly. Your SMB may not need a sophisticated solution that a large organization deploys. Similarly, your financial firm may have a lot more sensitive client data in your emails and attract cybercriminals. In such a case, you’d need more capable and premium services.

Enterprise Spam Filter Reviews and Ratings

You’ll only come to know of the features, pros, and cons of email filtering tools available in the market from their existing or past users. There are also independent reputed reviewers who present enterprise spam filter reviews and ratings. Make use of these resources and do your research to get the best shot at choosing the perfect email filtering service for yourself.

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