Why Using A Sound Outbound SMTP Relay Service Is Crucial For Your Business

An outbound SMTP relay service ensures prompt and secure delivery of such business emails to the inbox of your recipients.

As a business organization, you might be aware of SMTP relay services as they are useful for email marketing activities. SMTP does not handle incoming email. It caters to outgoing emails alone and ensures high deliverability. Concerning this, let’s have a detailed look at the working of an outbound SMTP relay service and answers to some of the most important questions that might come to your mind while selecting one.


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Why Is Outbound Email Important?

Business organizations have to send bulk emails for marketing, customer communication and other purposes. These can be newsletters, mass email campaigns, automated replies, notifications, and so on. Regular servers are not capable of handling such volumes of outgoing emails. Hence, most business entities use SMTP to send emails. The benefit of an SMTP relay service is that it provides technology that lets organizations send bulk emails. Let us now understand how an SMTP relay works.


How An SMTP Relay Service Works

SMTP relays can be understood by comparing them to postal services. The prime objective of any postal service is to ensure that the letters or parcels that you send reach their intended recipients. Similarly, outbound SMTP relay services ensure the delivery of your emails across different email servers. Since these emails are relayed over different email servers through the use of SMTP, the concept is called an outbound SMTP relay service.


Using SMTP Relay Software Is Crucial For Businesses

Businesses need SMTP relays as they cannot send emails to a large number of recipients using peer-to-peer email services. This is due to the following factors-

  • Limitations Of Peer-To-Peer Servers: Peer-to-peer email servers have specific ceilings and limits over which emails cannot be sent.
  • Clogging Of Regular Servers: Secondly, using regular email servers for sending promotional or other business emails can end up clogging servers. Clogging affects delivery rates and thereby delays the sending and receiving of peer-to-peer emails.
  • Emails Flagged As Spam: There are also chances of such bulk emails being labelled as spam. Your regular email servers can then come under the scanner and affect your usual communication channels. SMTP relay services are thus necessary.


When Do You Need An Outbound SMTP Relay Service Provider?

As businesses keep expanding, it becomes necessary to increase their email campaigns and other communication channels. Maintaining a mail server can become an expensive and complicated affair. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource your SMTP relay services to an outbound SMTP relay service provider. Doing this will help you manage your outgoing emails without affecting other communication channels.


Are SMTP Relay Free Services Better Than Paid Services?

Using a paid relay service is always better than using the SMTP relay free services provided by some companies (e.g. the SMTP relay service Google provides is free). It is because no-cost services might get you associated with spammers, and this leads to IP blacklisting. Paid services can handle large volumes of emails, and you can scale up according to your needs.


Microsoft Office 365: When Is SMTP Relay O365 Needed?

Nowadays, most businesses use Microsoft Office 365. If your applications need to communicate with people only in your domain, your business may not require a dedicated SMTP relay service. However, your customers will always be outside your network or domain. Therefore, it is necessary to know how proper SMTP relay configuration is performed and how it helps SMTP relay O365 to communicate with customers outside your domain correctly.

Microsoft Windows PC users should also install a proper SMTP relay Windows supported server to get the best out of their OS. It will ensure that your outbound email messages do not end up as spam. We shall now discuss some of the primary features SMTP relay Windows servers should have.

  • Safe IPs: The servers should use reliable and secure IPs. This feature guarantees that your emails reach the inbox of your recipients. It also makes them not end up in the spam or junk email inbox.
  • Quick Delivery: An excellent outbound SMTP relay service ensures speedier delivery of your emails without any overload issues.
  • ISP Filterable: It should ensure that your emails pass all kinds of ISP filtering.
  • Accessible: An ideal SMTP relay Windows compatible service should be available on the go. It should also keep track of the messages and provide analytics.


Final Words

An outbound SMTP relay service is very similar to the relay races we watch in the Olympics. The racers have to be extremely careful while passing the baton on to the next runner. A minute miscalculation on their part can result in losing the race. Similarly, an excellent outbound SMTP service should ensure that your business emails reach their recipients without any hiccups. Such capabilities help in maintaining a business reputation as well.

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