11 Sendgrid Alternatives For Your Business Email

Sendgrid Alternatives for small and medium enterprises.

Enterprises often lookout for Sendgrid alternatives while streamlining their email marketing campaigns. As a transactional email service provider and SMTP service provider, Sendgrid has already established its name. However, small and medium enterprises often find their packages slightly expensive. Besides, Sendgrid seems committed to more prominent brands. In case you have just launched your venture, you might be looking for a cheaper alternative with similar or more features.

In this post, we present you with eleven alternatives of Sendgrid that would serve the same purpose.


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SMTP.com is a leading SMTP service provider in marketing used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. SMTP.com offers a robust API to send transactional emails and has an easy to integrate WordPress plugin.

Because SMTP relay is the core focus of their business, they offer some of the best deliverability on the market for extremely high volumes of emails. 



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(Free plan includes 1000 emails/month, then several plans available from which one can choose per their needs)

DuoCircle is one of the best options for enterprises looking for budget options, but do not want to compromise on email deliverability quality. Each plan comes with DKIM signing, Real-time reports & Analytics, Detailed tracking of emails, Multiple delivery ports (so email continuity remains intact), TLS encryption, and robust anti-spam service.

Other crucial services offered by DuoCircle include SPF management, DMARC reporting, Email forwarding, Tenant migration, etc., which one can avail of at a very competitive price. Best, their best offering is 24/7 email, chat, and phone support, so you can quickly get your business email up and running in case there is a mishap. Overall, it is an excellent Sendgrid alternative for enterprises looking for a comprehensive email solution.



(Free plan: 9,000 emails/month; basic plan: $25/month)

Sendinblue offers chat, social media marketing, and SMS marketing services. It has a strong CRM tool, using which organizations can track the details of their customers. Besides, enterprises can automate their marketing messages, targeting specific audiences.

Sendinblue also enables users to create highly compelling landing pages, retargeting ads, Facebook ads, and sign-up forms. It helps marketers maximize conversions by providing real-time statistics, A/B testing tools, and email open rate reports.





(Free plan: 1,000 emails per month; basic plan: $10 for 10,000 emails)

Mailtrap is an email delivery platform that provides an Email Sending service with both an Email API and SMTP Service, with numerous official SDKs for easy integration. It has high deliverability rates by design and offers in-depth analytics with drill-down reports, helicopter view dashboards, and more. 

The platform also provides dedicated IPs, suppression lists, auto IP warmups, and other features to help you keep your email deliverability high. Additionally, you can also test your emails with Mailtrap before sending them out.


Constant Contact

(Basic plan: $20/month + free service for 1 month)

Constant Contact is an excellent Sendgrid alternative, offering eCommerce marketing, unlimited emails, and list-building tools in its basic plan. For beginners, this tool comes with a drag-and-drop frontend email editor. The tool immensely helps in personalizing business emails to foster greater engagement.

Constant Contact resends emails automatically to recipients who did not open their previous mails. This email automation tool examines the user behavior and dispatches the message accordingly, based on website clicks.


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(Free plan: 30,000 emails for 30 days; basic plan: $25 for 150,000 emails)

Presently used by more than 20,000 brands, Pepipost is a trustable SMTP and email API service provider. As a reliable Sendgrid alternative, this tool keeps track of the bounce rate, open rate, and email delivery. Besides, one can opt to receive notifications related to user actions, like unsubscriptions.

The secure platform enables the users to send emails confidentially. Besides, enterprises can make fast decisions, given that the tool offers notifications and real-time reports. Users opting for this Sendgrid Alternative get easy APIs for migration to ease up the process further.



(Premium plan: $49 annually, customized plans also available)

For Websites running on WordPress, WP Mail SMTP happens to be the most popular delivery service for emails. You can use this tool as an alternative for Sendgrid. Most importantly, users can integrate it seamlessly with popular email marketing services. In the process, they can dispatch thousands of emails in quick time to their targeted users.

It is possible to switch to WP Mail SMTP from your existing WordPress email settings. This would be beneficial, as it would enable you to bypass spam filters and directly reach out to your subscribers in their inboxes.


Amazon SES

(This service comes with a cost calculator for personalized quotes)

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a dedicated email service, which has gained popularity among developers. They use this platform for dispatching emails to other website platforms from WordPress. Amazon SES also provides flexible email authentication and dedicated IPs to ensure a high rate of delivery.

Amazon SES has got an inbuilt SMTP server, which the users can configure and send emails hassle-freely.



EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support software designed for small businesses and startups. Its affordable pricing and power-packed features make EngageBay a great Sendgrid alternative. 

EngageBay offers contact management, list building, multi-step visual automation, social media management, landing page builder, and more. You also get sales pipeline management, task and project management, and appointment scheduling Visual, data-rich dashboards let you comprehend complex metrics with ease.


HubSpot Email Marketing

(Free plan: 2,000 emails/month, Paid plan: $50/month)

HubSpot offers several tools for marketing. These include pop-ups, forms, landing pages, chatbots, live chat, and ad tracking. Besides, HubSpot Email Marketing comes with customizable templates and a drag and drop builder. With smart content segmentation and automated workflows, it delivers a seamless experience to the users.

The tool is straightforward to use and fosters impressive rates of delivery, besides great optimization features.



($10/month for 2,000 subscribers, ‘Pay As You Go’ model for occasional senders)

Moosend is an affordable Sendgrid alternative through which you can create marketing, transactional, and notification emails and send them to your recipients. Some of its compelling features include analytics, advanced list segmentation, and a campaign editor. One can deploy the drag and drop editor to design visually appealing newsletters. It also boasts the automation workflow builder, with inbuilt templates for automation.



($20 for 25,000 emails a month, charges applicable for additional emails)

Launched by MailChimp, Mandrill is a popular SMTP transactional email service. With this powerful Sendgrid alternative, you can send highly targeted, data-driven, customized emails for eCommerce platforms. Besides, it comes with an advanced tracking feature. This enables enterprises to monitor the click rate, bounce rate, and open rates of the emails. Mandrill also adds pre-defined tags automatically to emails, which further simplifies tracking.



(Free plan: 200 emails/day; paid plan: $9.65/month, with 30,000 mails)

This email sending service provider enables organizations to send marketing and transactional emails. You can also use SMS to communicate with your target groups. Besides, every marketing team gets an account for managing their respective communication strategies. Besides, the easy-to-navigate Mailjet dashboard enables marketers to track advanced elements like bounces, unsubscribes, and unsubscribes. One can also manage drip campaigns and interact with the recipients through automated workflows.



(14-day free trial available; paid plan: $19/month)

Ideal for eCommerce businesses, Drip serves as one of the best Sendgrid Alternatives. It connects popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, among others.

This tool comes with CRM features, allowing the users to get an idea of the user’s interests and actions on your portal. This enables organizations to generate more engagement through tailoring their emails. Some of its notable features include third-party integrations, complete email analytics, event and behavior tracking, deep customer insights, revenue attribution, revenue attribution, and segmenting users.



cakemail logo

(Free plan: 12k emails a month; Growth plan: $7 a month)
Cakemail is a great service for putting together email campaigns on the fly. Users can sign up for free and immediately gain access to all of the software’s essential tools. It’s an affordable and easy-to-use solution that’s perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Cakemail displays real-time reporting and analytics, allowing users to effectively evaluate their email marketing campaigns, adapt as needed, and boost engagement.


Final Words

SendGrid, which started as an independent entity, and is now acquired by Twilio, offers a lot of functionalities when it comes to sending bulk emails, be it transactional or marketing ones. However, it is not without its flaws, mediocre customer service being one of them. Several viable SendGrid alternatives have emerged in recent years that can serve all your email needs, and many of these are more cost-effective and offer a lot more features and functionalities. Hence, all you need to do is assess your business email needs, after which you can choose the best email service per your requirements from the SendGrid alternatives mentioned above.

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