March 2017 Uptime Report

March 2017  Uptime Report Inbound spam filtering – 99.99% Nettica Webmail –  100% Outbound SMTP was 100%.     Hosted Email Service   Outbound SMTP Service

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April 4, 2017, Written by 0 comment

How to Find the Best Email Archiving Solution for 2017

Meet all of your compliance needs for less money Email archiving does not need to be bewildering nor complex, despite how it has been perceived in the past. While...

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March 16, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Tracking SMTP Outbound Credits Usage

We are excited to announce a long anticipated feature to our outbound SMTP reports. This upgrade allows you to visually track in real time your daily and monthly SMTP...

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January 13, 2017, Written by 0 comment

December Uptime Report

For December 2016 our uptime for inbound spam filtering was 100%, Nettica Webmail 100% and our outbound SMTP was 99.99%.  The outbound SMTP was a total of six minutes of...

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January 1, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Quickbooks Phishing Email Live Walkthrough

Hilton and I were talking and he mentioned to me that he got a great looking phishing email in his Yahoo account, so I decided to take a quick...

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October 27, 2016, Written by 0 comment

G Suite replaces Google Apps for Work

Today Google announced Google for Work has a new name. Calendar, Drive, Docs, Gmail, Maps for Work, Search for Work, Sheets and Slides all fall under “G Suite“. It...

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September 29, 2016, Written by 0 comment

New MX Records for DNS Redundancy

On July 1 we experienced DNS failure of our top level domain which impacted customers to a varying degree before ICANN resolved the problem. Part of our mission statement...

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July 25, 2016, Written by 2 comments

SMTP Quota Notifications

We are officially releasing one of our most requested feature enhancements today – SMTP Quota Notifications. Our outbound smtp service is usage based and each sent message deducts a credit from the account....

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July 25, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Top Three Reasons Spam Looks Like It’s From Your Domain

We have a few clients complaining about spam that appears to be coming from their own domain. We have investigated the issue with multiple customers and we have discovered...

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July 12, 2016, Written by 1 comment

Monthly Spam Filtering Service

Backend logistics like payment options, renewal rates, bitcoin, wire transfer may not necessarily be huge advancements in our spam filtering technology, but they are responses to customer feedback. We now...

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July 6, 2016, Written by 0 comment