Understanding How Outbound SMTP Affects Email Distribution

Learn how outbound smtp helps, Enterprise Email Infrastructure

Outbound SMTP authenticates the sender followed by breaking down the email to obtain the recipient domain and its DNS entry to identify the receiver SMTP server’s IP address. It also has some additional capabilities, such as handling large amounts of emails, advanced analytics, scheduling, and dedicated IP.


outbound smtp

Mail Relay And Difference Between Inbound SMTP Relay And Outbound SMTP Relay

Email relay is the process of sending emails from one domain address to another. The mail gets received by the SMTP server of the sender’s domain which obtains the receiver SMTP server’s IP address. Outbound and inbound SMTP relays refer to specific SMTP servers dedicated for routing emails between SMTP servers. The relay has less functionality than the SMTP server, and it merely obtains the nearest SMTP server and transmits the email to it. An SMTP server has added features as it sends the email to a POP3/IMAP server and also filters emails.

An inbound SMTP relay works as a firewall for data received by the user’s servers. It identifies and filters any emails with the wrong destination domain, spam emails, and any emails containing viruses or malware.

An outbound SMTP relay, on the other hand, gathers all emails sent from the user’s server and deliver them to their correct destinations.


How Does A Professional SMTP Server Work?

The transmission of emails rests on SMTP server software. Every email sent or received undergoes the following process

  • One user’s SMTP server receives the email sent by another user.
  • The professional SMTP server authenticates the sender of the email.
  • The email is then analyzed by the Outbound SMTP server to retrieve the receiver’s domain address.
  • The server identifies the DNS server of the receiver’s domain address.
  • The DNS entry undergoes a check to obtain the IP address of the receiver SMTP server.
  • The receiver’s SMTP server transfers the email to the internal servers.


outbound smtp


Factors To Consider While Choosing An Outbound SMTP Server

  • High delivery rate provided by the SMTP server.
  • The SMTP server should provide the user with more widespread availability to send emails.
  • It should offer to scale multiple servers to manage the bulk quantity of emails successfully.
  • It should offer high security against external threats to preventing any loss to property or person.
  • It should offer the sophistication of analytics available to track the actions of the receiver, especially in the case of email campaigns.


SMTP Examples: Which SMTP Server To Choose, Free Or Professional Ones?

It is pertinent to understand that using standard SMTP servers used by free email providers are not ideal when the number of recipients is enormous. The standard outbound SMTP uses a non-dedicated IP that can be freely used even by spammers which can tamper with the delivery of such emails. Standard SMTP also has a meagre limit on the number of emails that they can send. In such cases, it is prudent to use a professional SMTP server.

Such servers use a controlled and dedicated IP to ensure the delivery of emails is not affected and also provides a significantly higher limit on the number of emails. Especially in cases of email blasts broadcasted to a large number of receivers, it is vital to use a professional SMTP server.


SMTP For Sale: Is Buying Cheaper Version Of SMTP Server Worth It?

An SMTP server comprises of many sophisticated features, and it accomplishes many additional tasks other than transmission and distribution of emails. Email is the most common means of communication, mainly formal communication. Therefore, SMTP servers are a requirement for all enterprises.

Before buying an SMTP server, most businesses look for a free or cheaper option. However, these more inexpensive SMTP servers may come with certain limitations, for instance, a cap on the number of emails per month, and missing analytics and delivery information. Even for startups, a premium SMTP service, which they can get it when SMTP for sale available, can help a long way in making both internal (such as between the employees or subordinates) and external communications (with clients and customers) hassle-free.


What Is The Right SMTP Server Price To Pay?

Due to the high demand, there are many SMTP service providers with different SMTP server prices and features.

Organizations having low email handling needs can go for professional, free SMTP servers. These servers are machines implemented for email delivery. However, there is generally a cap on the number of emails which enterprises can send using free SMTP servers. Dedicated SMTP servers are necessary for businesses which have an extensive database of recipients.

A professional SMTP server is indispensable to enhance the deliverability of emails. An outbound SMTP not only increases the limit of emails that can be sent but also uses a controlled IP to ensure the deliverability of bulk emails. It manages the entire path of email over the internet. Therefore it is crucial to choose the most suitable SMTP server according to the business size and needs.

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