Email Spam Filter Service: An Inevitable Tool For Keeping Your Organization’s Information Security Intact

Email spam filter service is one of the prominent way to manage the threat.

With the advent of spambots, it has become easy for malicious actors to collect email addresses of thousands of people in the blink of an eye. They can then send emails with malicious content capable of putting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information assets of an organization. It has facilitated an increase in spam messages in this digital era to the point of becoming a complete menace. Most email services are equipped with features such as blacklists, whitelists, and, more recently, greylists. Each has different functions and can filter spam emails to a certain extent. Many spam filter services gradually adjust to the user, working on probability and linking common words in emails manually marked as ‘spam.’ Here is the lowdown on everything about spam emails.


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Manual Checks

One of the distinct ways to avoid any spam emails is to be cautious online. By checking the URLs, addresses, and text of the email, the recipient can determine if the email is spam or not to a certain extent. Spam emails tend to contain an alarmist tone, hoax offers, foreign language, numerical URLs, and grammatical mistakes, which are generally not found in legitimate emails.

However, manually marking emails as spam can be a challenge for an organization receiving hundreds of emails every day. Under such circumstances, other spam filtering services come into play.


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2 Types Of Spam Filtering Solutions

Cloud Spam Filters

Cloud-based spam filtering is one of the newest additions in the field of cybersecurity. With a minimum set up cost, it is effortless to use and maintain. These filters work on an online mode, which gives them several advantages, as mentioned below.

  • No installation required for software or hardware.
  • It doesn’t affect the network terminals.
  • Minimum maintenance and high efficiency.

Third-Party Antispam Services

Several paid services are able to provide robust protection against spam. Using a combination of methods such as creating lists and Bayesian filtering, they are an adequate safeguard in warding off hoax emails to a large extent. These require installation and setup.

Choosing the correct spam filter can be difficult. Read on to learn how to find the one that best suits you.


Consult The Enterprise Spam Filter Reviews And Ratings

Each spam filter has its features and characteristics. For instance, cloud spam filters do not require hardware or software, which gives them a certain edge over others. Choosing the right spam filter is crucial for the cybersecurity of the organization. The enterprise spam filter reviews and ratings can give an insight into the effectiveness of a spam filter. It is prudent to conduct market research and understand the pros and cons of every spam filter before purchasing one. Cost-effectiveness is also one of the significant factors to consider.


Cloud Spam Filter Pricing: Choosing The Most Suitable Service For Your Organization

Knowing that the cloud spam filters can provide a massive edge over other filters, the next step in choosing the right cloud filter service is to select the correct price which suits the budget of an individual or an organization. Many cloud filter services have different cost brackets based on the number of users for whom it will be functioning. Most cloud filter services also have a free trial, which can give an idea about the functionality of a filter.

The pricing, in this case, depends on the various features the filter provides. Thus, to choose the appropriate filter, all factors mentioned above need to be considered thoroughly.

Consider Inbuilt Email Anti-spam Segregation

Many email services are equipped with the capability to separate the emails by segregating them into various lists.

  1. Whitelist: Emails from contacts that have been whitelisted are sent to the inbox. This feature, although it does help to maintain the legitimacy of emails, has a significant drawback. Emails from other addresses might wrongly be forwarded to spam if the combination of words is found as suspicious by the filter. It leads to an increased rate of false positives.
  2. Blacklisting: This option discards emails from blacklisted contacts right away.
  3. Greylist: A compromise between the whitelist and blacklist, the grey sends a ‘delivery failed’ message to the sender of the email if the email is found to be suspicious. If the email were legitimate, the sender would reattempt it. However, in most cases, spammers are not likely to resend the email again. Yet, thanks to the advancement in spamming practices, they now look for ways to overcome this filter and thus end up resending the email after delivery fails, thus defeating the purpose of the list altogether.
  4. Quarantine: Email spam filter services like that of Microsoft Office 365 isolate the suspicious email. This feature is known as quarantine. The quarantine is a junkyard for all the emails marked as spam by the user. It is an attempt to reduce false positives since the emails may be retrieved from the quarantine and marked as ‘false positive.’


Choosing The Best Free Email Spam Filters

Although choosing a spam filter is a good investment for an organization, budget constraints can make it challenging to install a high-end spam filtering service. In such a situation, using one of the free email spam filters can work more efficiently. Many free anti-spam filters work with the majority of email clients and have a high success rate. Using Bayesian filtering, which is the most advanced filtering in spam screening, helps detect spam to a great extent.

Many of the significant free spam email services also work by blocking out viruses and other malware, which is often contained in spam emails.

Some of the free spam filters are highly customizable, work on user synchronization, and use a real-time database, which increases its efficiency manifold. They are comfortable, flexible, and free of charges, which is a boon for developing organizations.

Email spam filters are not only apposite for huge enterprises where the information is at a higher risk due to its higher sensitivity, but also for SMEs today, as they are an easier target for phishers. Using spam filters can help in managing spam emails, avoiding phishing, and malware that can severely impact an organization. Using the appropriate email spam filter service for an organization is imperative to keep the valuable information assets safe and secure.

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