Here Are Some Of The Email Forwarder Free Of Cost Available For Enterprise Use

What are email forwarders, the concept, differences from regular email services, and the available email forwarder free of cost in the market.

Managing multiple email accounts should not be a challenge for today’s entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, routing all emails to a single email account does make it easy for all. Consequently, there is less likelihood of missing out on an important message.

Hence an email forwarding server is a smart solution for every business enterprise today. Having one should not be an issue as email forwarder free of charge are readily available.


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Email Forwarder: The Concept

Every business has a domain name along with a domain email name such as or Customers use these email addresses to send their complaints, requests, and opinions. Contact management software is a useful tool for organizing and maintaining a database of contacts. Email forwarding facility helps business owners to forward emails received at such addresses to other or even personal email addresses.


Advantages Of Email Forwarders

  • Email forwarding enables an organization to concentrate all emails received by the entity at a single email address. At the same time, it also allows distribution of emails received at a particular address to different recipients; this is beneficial to the entrepreneurs, as it provides them with the facility to respond to each email appropriately.
  • Email forwarding can prevent flooding of emails at a particular email address.
  • It is possible to read an important email almost instantly when you make use of an email forwarding server. Business entities can set up the email forwarding service to send emails to a dedicated email address that is accessible at all times.
  • Email forwarding enables users to change the recipient’s address at any time. It ensures that emails do not go to people who are not or no longer associated with the organization.


Cons Of Using An Email Forwarding Service

  • The most significant disadvantage of using email forwarding service is the risk of the forwarded message being flagged as spam. Overcoming this problem is easy by changing the email MX (Mail Exchanger) settings.
  • Another feature of email forwarders is the ‘send as’ facility. Some mail servers, especially if you shared mail servers, flag such outgoing emails as spam. Hence, the recipient might not receive the mail at all.


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The Best Free Email Forwarding Services

There are reliable email forwarder services available for free. At the same time, there are premium services as well, that require business enterprises to pay a specific sum for availing the benefits.

Depending on your usage, you may not necessarily have to pay money to avail the best email forwarding services. Here are some of the best free email forwarders available today, which can seamlessly integrate with your programming management tools.


Gmail is the most popular free email forwarding service available today. Setting up an automatic Gmail forwarding facility is straightforward. However, it is not possible to use the automated email forwarding facility to an email group. It is the ideal email forwarder service for forwarding emails to a single Gmail address. The advantage of this facility is that it is possible to turn off this facility when not required.


Namecheap is an excellent free email forwarding service provider that allows businesses to create a personalized email address for a specific domain and forward the received emails to another email address of their choice. This solution provides for the creation of up to 100 forwarding email address on their FreeDNS name servers. Setting up this email forwarding facility is simple.


ImprovMX is an excellent choice for small enterprises, as it is free and optimized for small projects. Setting up this MX email forwarding facility requires the user organization to point their MX records to forward emails from one domain to the specified email destination.


ForwardEmail is an encrypted, open-source, and one of the best free email forwarding services. It does not store any emails or logs. This service, offered by GitHub is a transparent one with an open code. Therefore, users need not worry about any secret data collection. Setting up this service is simple; add a few DNS records and complete the setup quickly. It is also possible to use ‘Send Mail As’ facility using Gmail.

Mailgun (free to a certain extent)

Mailgun is another reputed email forwarding service available to businesses all over the globe. It is an excellent solution, as it is easy to set up and use. However, all features of this email forwarding solution are not available for free. It requires a nominal subscription to enjoy all the Mailgun privileges.

If you are technically proficient, you can even build your own email forwarding server. The procedure is not very difficult, and it may be a cost-efficient way of availing an email forwarding service that is customized to your requirements. However, you have to take all aspects, including security, into consideration.

Email forwarding may be an essential tool for the success of any business, as it increases efficiency and enables the user to remain competitive by providing prompt customer services. We advise enterprises to check out any of the five free email forwarders discussed above to optimize their communication channels and improve their business ratings.

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