Why You Need A Secure Email Gateway For Your Business

A secure email gateway is a crucial tool for an organization as well as individuals.

An email gateway is effectively a firewall for enterprise email infrastructure. It scans both inbound and outbound email for any malicious content. It is the first wall of defense against any threats as the email gateway comprises various safeguards to filter the emails that reach a user’s inbox. It consists of these features

  1. Virus and malware blocking
  2. Spam filtering
  3. Content filtering
  4. Email archiving.


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How Email Gateway Works And Why Is It Needed?

Email gateway analyzes the inbound and outbound emails for threats. If it considers the inspected emails are clean, it sends them to the internal service or server for the user to receive. If it believes the emails as spam or containing a threat, it quarantines those on the email gateway itself.

Email gateway services‘ is an umbrella term that includes several measures put in place at the email gateway to counter attacks by hackers.

Email Encryption Gateway

This type of service decrypts inbound emails and encrypts outbound emails.

Email Filtering Services

These filters process the emails by their contents and organize them according to a specified criterion.

Secure Analysis

Some advanced email gateway services can deploy sophisticated analysis methods to detect threats.

By using robust email security solutions, enterprises can dramatically reduce the number of attempted and successful attacks against their business. Email gateway provides the following services to protect them against email-borne threats:

  • It analyzes all emails for viruses or malware content based on the latest threat patterns.
  • It blocks spam emails and known spammers.
  • It filters content at the email gateway server as customized by the user.
  • It archives emails to manage storage and system efficiency.
  • It blocks potential threats, even if unidentified.


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Is Using An Email Gateway Free?

Users often choose to use free, open-source email gateways. It is not wrong to use the cost-efficient approach, but it is pertinent to understand the downsides of using such publically available software. It increases the probability of unwanted emails and potential threats, making a way in the user’s inbox because a free email gateway is not updated regularly to protect against the latest threats. Without such updates, it is ineffective against new tactics used by attackers who can also test such tactics against these publicly available email gateways.


Secure Email Gateway Definition: Which Email Gateway Should Enterprises Choose?

The definition of email gateway. A secure email gateway is essential to protect the business from malicious content within emails by preventing them from reaching their intended recipient. By placing these malicious emails into quarantine or blocking the sender, a secure email gateway significantly reduces the chances of compromise of user credentials, email hosts, and sensitive company data. Every such organization has different needs for security at a different magnitude. In such cases, it is imperative to choose the factors that match their security requirement while selecting an email gateway.


Features To Look For In An Ideal Email Gateway Example

Some critical factors that determine the efficiency of a robust email gateway are:

  • Whether the organization needs to deploy security on cloud or physically in the premises
  • Effectiveness of the email gateway in filtering spam
  • Active analysis of content, links, and attachments to detect malware
  • Ability to analyze the source and nature of the attack.
  • The adaptability of the email gateway with company policy to prevent sending sensitive data to an unauthorized user
  • Ability to detect malicious emails that bypass the gateway to reach internal servers and quarantine such emails


Businesses today need proper tools to safeguard them from vulnerabilities against known and unknown threats. Email gateway is a sophisticated compilation of many safeguards and countermeasures against any risks or malicious activities to breach internal servers of an organization. Therefore, it is essential to consider factors like quality of end to end encryption, basic security features, additional security protocols, adaptability, and customization options while choosing a secure email gateway.

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