What Are The Main Advantages Of Using Cloud-Based Spam Filters

Know about cloud-based spam filters and their advantages

Spams are more than just annoying emails; they pose a severe threat to organizations as they often have malware or ransomware embedded in them. Estimates put the loss of enterprises in the US to spam and phishing emails at $500 million every year.

Other than this direct cost, there is also the cost of reputation and loss of productivity. Some spam emails imitate an organization’s ID so well that it is the reputation of such enterprise that comes into question. And, as for the loss of productivity, whether it’s the network admin monitoring the spam or an employee reading and deleting the spam emails, it results in loss of valuable staff-hour. For these and many other reasons, spam filtering solutions are very much needed.


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Cloud-Based Spam Filters

Spam filters have evolved a lot. Not long ago, spam filters were hardware appliances that users had to purchase and set up among their servers. Those tools act as a sieve through which emails pass if they are not blocked or filtered out. Providers refined their technology and then came virtual appliances or software that users have to install on their systems.

The latest anti-spam tools are now available as cloud-based spam filters. These appliances are convenient as the users no longer have to buy and maintain costly hardware or even install anything. The filters work in the cloud and are as effective as, if not more effective than, their counterparts in spam filtering.


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Advantage of Cloud-Based Inbound Spam Filtering Solutions

So, what is the advantage if the outbound or inbound spam filtering is cloud-based? Cloud-based spam filters are an effective and efficient system of filtering out malicious emails.


We can safely say that the future of IT is in the cloud, and more services are being hosted on the cloud by an increasing number of providers. A significant benefit of using cloud-based services, which is also true for spam filtering, is that these services have no compatibility issues, and the user can rely on many cloud services without having the capacity or infrastructure to run them on their premises.

Spam Filter Relays

Cloud-based service providers have multiple data centers positioned throughout the world. Any emails addressed to you first go through your vendor’s data center and filtering solution for spam, viruses, malware, etc. As all the actions take place before the emails even reach your network, the amount of spam or attacks getting through to your inbox is minimal.

Affordability and Pricing Flexibility

Cloud-based spam filters are reasonably more economical than the other spam filtering solutions. Users don’t have to invest in any hardware, IT personnel, or maintenance. Vendors typically offer cloud-based filters as subscriptions, where you can select the number of inboxes to cover or the features you need; in short, you can pay only for what you use.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of cloud-based services is typically much more comfortable than other IT solutions. The service provider takes care of all operations for you. You don’t have to worry about maintenance or updates; most providers include the latest updates as part of your subscription.


Scalability is another advantage of cloud-based spam filtering solutions. You can quickly scale the number of users or inboxes up and down. They also provide the ability to handle an extensive range of DDoS without the corresponding increase in your investment.

Freeing Up Bandwidth

Spam constitutes ninety percent of the total email traffic today. This fact may also be more or less the case for you. By using cloud-based spam filters, the large volume of spam emails will not reach your network, significantly mitigating and freeing up the bandwidth on your servers.


Enterprise Spam Filter Reviews And Ratings

The advantages we have listed above don’t necessarily mean that every cloud-based filtering solution is the right one for you. Your quest for selecting a cloud-based spam filter that fits your organization’s requirements should include tons of research into enterprise spam filter reviews and ratings. There are trusted, independent reviewers who give unbiased ratings of these services. On some sites, current users score the services and list their pros and cons, which will significantly reduce the challenges you face in choosing the best cloud-based spam filter.

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