Simplify Business Communication Using Mail Relay SMTP

A mail relay SMTP service is the best way to manage such automated emails and batch sends.

What Is SMTP Relay?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the protocol for delivering outgoing emails. It is a process to transfer an email from one mail server to another. Imagine that John from Company A wants to send an email message to Tom of Company B.

When John sends his outgoing message to Tom, his company’s defined SMTP Server connects to Tom’s incoming MX server (receiving mailbox). It then relays the email from John’s mail server to Tom’s mail server.


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How Does Mail Relay SMTP Work?

An SMTP server is responsible for delivering the outgoing emails. However, it does not accept incoming emails. Most businesses use a mail SMTP relay service, which is a managed service and helps them send outgoing mails through Outbound SMTP.


Why Do Enterprises Need An SMTP Relay Service?

  • It is a convenient way to send emails within your organization, to your employees, or your established or potential clients and customers.
  • Commonly used ISPs like Gmail put a cap on the number of SMTP relays a user can send per day. Hence, organizations that need to send bulk marketing and transactional emails require an SMTP relay provider.


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Caution – Open Mail Relay Can Be A Cybersecurity Threat

In earlier times, to facilitate mail deliverability between the separate closed email systems, open mail relays or third party relays were in vogue. However, these are vulnerable and allow hackers to route large volumes of spam. The owner of the server unknowingly throws away the computer and network resources to the attacker’s mercy, who can exploit it to his advantage causing loss of business, system crashes, and equipment damage.


Which One To Choose: SMTP Relay Software Or A Managed SMTP Service?

While some enterprises choose a managed SMTP service provider, some go for installing and maintaining the SMTP relay software themselves. For mail SMTP relay through the software, the software can easily be installed on any device, and it readily gets integrated into the device’s platform.

The software provider has a list of outbound SMTP server that enterprises can use for marketing purposes. However, it is tricky to find out which one is the best. In a managed SMTP service, this gets done through a third party.


SMTP Relay Free For Startups And Small Businesses

Mail SMTP relay services come in paid or free versions. The choice of an SMTP service is the prerogative of the enterprise. Small businesses or companies handle low email volume, and hence, they can go for a free SMTP relay. On the other hand, managing 5,000+ emails per month requires a premium SMTP relay service.


Using Google’s Free SMTP Server For SMTP Relay Gmail

It is a boon for companies with low email volume. With SMTP relay Gmail service, users can send 100 emails per day or 3,000 per month. Also, many people shuffle through multiple business and personal emails in today’s busy world. Gmail allows them to consolidate these email addresses with a custom domain. And yes, it is free!


Use SMTP Relay O365 By Creating A Connector

Sending an email using Office 365 does not require setting up an SMTP relay. Clients can send emails directly to Office 365 without adding a mail SMTP relay. However, businesses can configure it to allow SMTP Relay for specific IP addresses. It eliminates the need for a particular username and password for logging in.

Mail SMTP relay services provide enterprises with new tools to make their existing tasks easier, along with revealing new possibilities for marketing. They can make your day-to-day email tasks much more manageable.

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