Best Proofpoint Alternatives For Email Security Solutions

The best Proofpoint alternatives providing similar features that ensure cost-effectiveness and email security.

Strengthening your email security starts with selecting the right gateway. Being a marketing head or business owner, you would probably be aware of the menacing adversaries online. Although Proofpoint continues to be one of the reliable email security gateways available, you can always explore alternatives.

After all, organizations would like to shell out a lower price for similar features and capabilities. Besides, some of the best Proofpoint alternatives come with a few additional defense mechanisms that you might like. In this post, we have gathered and compiled some of the most viable substitutes for this email security service.


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email security service

DuoCircle has its name in the top list of the email security service providers. DuoCircle’s email security solutions provide protection from phishing scams, ransomware & malware attacks, but also against spoofing and impersonation detection. DuoCircle specializes in Outbound SMTP for ensuring inbox delivery, DKIM Signed mail, advanced threat defense for email links, email forwarding, email backup, etc.



As a cloud-native email security gateway, Trustwave is known for its exceptional control and visibility over security resources. It is capable of managing and monitoring email security in all kinds of environments. With features like actionable threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and a wide plethora of organizational features make this tool one of the best Proofpoint alternatives.



Sonicwall’s advanced cloud email security service secures enterprises against several advanced online vulnerabilities delivered through emails. For hackers and attackers, email continues to be one of the most extensively used channels. With Sonicwall, you can secure your organization from email threats like BEC (business email compromise), ransomware, targeted phishing attacks, and email fraud. Besides, organizations primarily benefit from this software, as it mitigates the administrative overhead with its seamless management, deployment, and reporting.


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Sophos offers email sandboxing capabilities to users. This is a deep learning neural network capable of blocking unwanted applications, as well as zero-day malware attacks. In Sophos email security service, behavioral analysis is deployed to prevent boot-record attacks and first-time ransomware. It comes with time-of-click URL protection capabilities. This examines the reputation of the website that the email links connect to. Besides, this mechanism also blocks delayed or stealthy attacks that other security systems may overlook.



FireEye finds its name among the best Proofpoint alternatives, offering endpoint security to its users. In the process, it can secure your organization with intelligence-led protection, effective detection, and fast response. With as many as three protection engines in place, FireEye can block common malware, deploying a signature-based security engine. Besides, it secures users from malware and malicious websites. With this tool in place, organizations can combat advanced attacks and sophisticated threats.


Zoho Mail

A significant number of enterprises are embracing Zoho Mail for email hosting. This software is known for its privacy, security, and encryption. Besides, users do not experience disturbing advertisements on Zoho. With top-grade security services, organizations can create their business domain or set up customized email addresses for their users. These email addresses look professional and unique, infusing organizations with much-needed authenticity. Besides, it is effortless to establish policies and manage group aliases using this tool.



A powerful cloud-based email security gateway, INKY, continues to be a top choice for enterprises and organizations. This award-winning software blocks malware, spam, and phishing attacks. While using INKY, organizations, and enterprises can benefit from computer vision and domain-specific machine learning. This proves effective in blocking zero-day phishing emails that might make their way through sophisticated email systems. The email security software offers warning banners directly in the mailboxes in case it detects any suspicious emails. Most importantly, users can integrate INKY into the Office 365 organization environment in a quick time. The email protection software also comes up with user-friendly guides, covering remedies for blocking adversaries and how to keep one’s information assets secure.


Final Words

By now, you are familiar with six of the best Proofpoint alternatives. These tools would fulfill organizations’ email security requirements, especially those with a limited budget. A comprehensive defense mechanism against phishing, viruses, malware, ransomware and other online threats can help you maintain robust email security. No wonder why successful online businesses value fruitful collaborations with email hosting providers!

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