Learning The A-Z Of Cloud Email Archiving And Reaping The Benefits Of Email Archiving

Understand different types of cloud email archiving, why cloud-based solutions score better than on-premise appliances, and the advantages of cloud-based email archive appliances.

When it comes to business deployment options, cloud email archiving is one of them. The other three options include software, hardware, as well as hybrid solutions. Undoubtedly, each of these four options can free up mail servers’ space. However, for many users, in terms of efficiency as well as compliance, cloud email archiving ranks above the other solutions, with a score of benefits for the users.

A cloud email archiving solution collects the email data and indexes it on a cloud server. Many large vendors like Microsoft and Google provide cloud email archiving solutions for businesses.


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Email Archiving And The Different Types Of Email Archiving Solutions

Email archiving is a systematic approach to safety and protection of data that is contained in email messages. It is primarily done for fast data retrieval for regulatory compliance. Although there is an option for archiving in the primary mailbox, enterprises can outsource it to other vendors to offload the work on their IT team so that they can focus on more critical tasks. These tools assume a significant role in the organizational environment where data permanence is the key.

Email communications are stored in a secure repository that is located outside the production environments. Both outgoing and incoming messages are indexed, along with their attachments. The contents of the retained emails are preserved in a read-only format. There are various types of email archiving methods, namely – server side, client side, on-premise, and cloud.


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Advantages Of Cloud-Based Exchange Archive Solutions

There are many advantages of the cloud archive solutions on the exchange server. These benefits make them a popular choice among businesses over on-premise solutions. Let’s take a look at some of them here.

Hassle-Free Process

Using cloud email archiving solutions is an easy and low-maintenance process compared to on-premises or other solutions. Users do not need to worry about hardware compatibility issues, periodic updates or maintenance, or deploying a dedicated IT staff.

Robust Disaster Recovery Plan

A critical difference between cloud-based and on-premise archiving solutions is that on-premise solutions don’t guarantee the complete success of a disaster recovery plan. On the contrary, experts can restore the email archiving data within the cloud environment with a simple mouse click.

Lower Cost

Organizations don’t need to purchase hardware or hire in-house IT persons to start using cloud-based email archive appliances. These factors save cost for the user and make the service considerably more economical than the other email archiving solutions.

Addresses Retention Problems

On-premise archiving solutions offer only a small contribution in freeing up the overall space; this is so because they store the archived emails on the same server. Though this leads to efficient management, it can generate a retention problem. The good news is that cloud email archiving solutions can address these retention-related issues. It works by expanding in-storage capacity dynamically while the email data of a business start accumulating with time.


List Of Popular Cloud-Based Email Archive Appliances

Email archive appliances are essential for growing businesses that have diverse portfolios and are operating in more than one country. An on-premise email archiving tool may have specific limitations such as the requirement of the correct removable storage (or hardware) if the user wishes to retrieve the data. Also, for every equipment, there is a storage limit. Such issues are absent with Software-as-a-Service cloud-based email archive appliances.

When it comes to email archiving, appliances like Office 365 email archiving solutions from prominent providers are very well-known. However, there is a wide range of services on offer by other reliable providers, too.

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