Organize Your Enterprise’s Digital Communication Records With Email Archiving Solutions

It is imperative to store essential email messages for maintaining records. Email archiving solutions are the ideal channels to do so.

Preserving emails for future retrieval is essential for businesses. It is also mandatory from the legal point of view. The modern-day inboxes have an enormous capacity to store emails. However, the piling up of new emails can push the older emails deep into the mailbox, making it hard for retrieving them. Email archiving solutions should do the trick for you.


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What Are Email Archiving Solutions?

Before looking at how email archiving solutions work, let’s briefly discuss what email archiving is. Email archiving represents the preservation of emails and making it easy to search and retrieve when required. Email archiving solutions capture emails directly from the email application or during transit. It then proceeds to store them. The indexing of emails takes place here to simplify searches and retrieval in the future, thus providing a better management option for your information systems.


What Is The Need For Email Archiving?

Nowadays, you have all sorts of email communications. It could be official, personal, or even temporary emails related to marketing purposes. Not all email correspondence is crucial to your business. Statistics say that a significant proportion of your emails are junk email. They clog the inbox and eat up the storage capacity. As a result, your essential emails get lost among these unnecessary emails. A valid email archiving solution can segregate these emails and store them separately. It also makes it easy for retrieving them at a later date. Retrieval of critical email correspondence is essential from the legal and regulatory point of view, as well.


Different Types Of Email Archiving

Email archiving can be done in various ways. You have the cloud-based email archiving solutions. You also have on-premise email archiving solutions. Personal email archive software is available, and so are email archiving solutions – open source.

Before proceeding with the email archiving solutions comparison, let us look at each of these solutions in brief.

On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions For Independent Archiving

An on-premise email archiving solution is akin to a self-contained appliance that captures emails to create an indexed database. This archiving solution creates a separate database in the device itself for storing email messages. Hence, there should not be an issue in searching and retrieving emails from such archives.

However, the on-premise email archiving solutions have some limitations. One is that it can only have limited memory. Secondly, the chances of a crash are higher. In the case of a data crash, all the indexed emails could be destroyed. Under such circumstances, the cloud-based email archiving solutions should be an ideal alternative.

Universal Access With Cloud-Based Email Archiving Solutions

As the name suggests, this email archiving solution is on the cloud. Therefore, there should be no issue of storage because the cloud comes with unlimited storage capacity. Secondly, the advantage of cloud-based email archiving solutions is that users can access it from anywhere and from any device. This aspect makes it a more beneficial option as compared to the on-premise email archiving solution.

However, the cloud-based email archiving solutions have specific drawbacks. Controlling your data on-premise is convenient when compared to managing it on the cloud. On the advantages front, the cost factor is a crucial one. The cloud solutions are sold per mailbox, and hence appear more affordable. The on-premise archiving system is a capital expense that the business organization has to commit upfront.


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Email Archiving Solutions – Open Source

Not all emails need archiving. There can be spam emails that deserve to go into the junk folder. Having a comprehensive email archiving solution in place will ensure that these junk emails are archived, as well. Hence, it is better to have an open-source email archiving solution software that can help users to archive their emails selectively. An open-source solution provides them with the option of altering the software at the user end, depending on the requirements.

This solution is also useful when it comes to archiving emails for legal compliance. The positive aspect of an open-source solution is that users can modify the code and use the software to meet their specific requirements.

Personal Email Archive Software for Individuals

It is not that businesses alone need email archiving solutions. Individuals also need this facility to archive their emails. The most significant benefit of archiving personal emails is that it removes them from the inbox and saves it in a distinct location. Thus, it frees the inbox storage considerably to allow an unhindered supply of emails. It also ensures that the essential emails are available for access at ease. There is no need to search the entire inbox. Accessing the individual archived mail folder is enough.

The advantage of the personal email archive software is that it ensures the safety of your relevant emails. As they are in a distinct location, these emails remain even if you empty your entire inbox.


What Does An Email Archiving Solutions Comparison Tell You?

Now that you have an idea of the different types of email archiving solutions, an email archiving solutions comparison would be easier.

  • On-premise email archiving solutions can be expensive because they incur a considerable amount of initial investment in storage servers, and so on. One also needs investing in installing high-quality security software to prevent cybercriminals from accessing data and tampering with it.
  • However, it becomes easy to retrieve information for an on-premise solution as it is available locally. Cloud-based email archiving solutions are beneficial because they are cheaper in comparison. It is also easy to access these solutions from anywhere. There is no need for any capital expenditure. You only pay for the storage you use.
  • Another disadvantage of on-premise email archiving solutions is that you should have an adequate backup plan for data recovery in the case of a disaster. It is not necessary for the cloud as the data is safe on the cloud.
  • Similarly, the email archiving solutions open-source software allows you to modify the coding to suit your requirements. It is one of the best email archiving solutions when it comes to ensuring legal compliance. Users can alter the storage accordingly and ensure that the essential correspondence is stored safely.



Email archiving is necessary for various purposes. It ensures the safety of your essential messages. It also paves the way for maintaining legal compliance. Email archiving ensures there is no intrusion or tampering with the evidence. It is necessary in these times of advanced digital communication.

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