Using Cloud Email Archiving Solutions Has Become Critical For All Businesses Today

Cloud Email archiving solutions can come to your rescue during such an emergency.

Almost all businesses have gone online today. Even the organizations that are not entirely online use emails for quick correspondence. Therefore, you have emails clogging the mail servers throughout the Internet. It makes it challenging for an organization to search and retrieve emails when it needs it the most. Cloud email archiving solutions provide the ideal mechanism to copy and store email messages.

Cloud-based email archiving solutions have lower maintenance and overhead costs as compared to other email archiving solutions. Secondly, these email archiving solutions are easy to use, whereby it becomes convenient to configure it to an organization’s email database. It results in improving the email management process of the organization.


cloud email archiving solutions

The Need For Cloud-Based Email Archiving Solutions

Why do you need email archiving solutions? Many business organizations believe that it is not necessary to invest in a third-party email archiving solution. They feel that storing emails on live servers can serve the purpose. However, it is not so. Here are some reasons why investing in cloud-based Email archiving solutions should be one of the priorities of businesses today.

Regulatory Compliance

In the US, it is mandatory for Government departments and the highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services to have proper email archiving solutions in place.

Storage Management And Quotas

The use of emails as a means of communication is increasing daily. The number of emails is growing, and so are the sizes of the attachments. Many businesses impose quotas on email storage, whereby it results in poor server performance. As the number of emails keeps on increasing, the demand for storage goes up, as well. Therefore, cloud Email archiving solutions seem to be the best bet.

Legal Requirements

Litigation are part of the industry. As most of the correspondence happens through emails today, the courts regularly ask enterprises to disclose email content that is relevant to the case. The IT security department of the enterprises needs to ensure that there are no attempts to destroy evidence. Secondly, it becomes essential to reproduce the emails whenever called upon to do so. Cloud email archiving solutions allow the IT security departments to segregate such emails and apply litigation holds, thereby enabling smooth e-discovery. Organizations save thousands of dollars, as well, in data retrieval.

Enable Audit Trail

Auditing is a vital aspect of any business. Having email archiving solutions in place enables auditors to maintain an audit trail. The audit feature allows tracking activities on the appliance. It can help the auditors to check the usage of specific keywords that unauthorized persons can use to overstep their authority.

There are many more reasons why email archiving solutions are necessary today. Some of them are

  • data verification,
  • prevention of data corruption, and
  • disaster recovery.


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Exchange Archiving Solutions

Exchange archiving solutions are comprehensive solutions that take care of email archiving and clean-up operations. These enable users to archive mailbox messages to a secondary storage location. Thus, administrators and end-users can extract and recover archived emails quickly.

The benefits of exchange archiving solutions are:

  • They allow you to use both hosted servers and on-premise archiving.
  • Office 365 users can use the services of the Exchange Mailbox application for archiving email messages.
  • As you associate all your data with a single exchange mailbox, it enables you to scale your data protection system quickly.
  • The management of the content in an exchange mailbox application is at the user level and not at the sub-client level.
  • Data retrieving becomes easy.
  • Multi-streaming is also possible when you use Exchange archiving solutions.


Email Archiving Solutions Comparison

When it comes to email archiving solutions comparison, there are three basic types of email archiving solutions.

Shared Saas Email Archiving On The Cloud

This type of email archiving does not need any investment in infrastructure or management at your end. All you need is an internet connection that allows the transportation of emails from the primary mail servers to the SaaS archival service on the cloud.

Private Email Archiving On The Cloud

This method of email archiving entails setting your private server and storage on the dedicated cloud. You also need to have a cloud account. This method envisages installing the chosen email archiving software on the private cloud server. The storage capacity of such an archiving service will depend on the number of users and the retention period.

Dedicated Email On-Premise

This type of Email archiving solution entails archiving your emails on the servers available at your data center. You need to choose the necessary email archiving software on the server. The capacity of the server and the email storage capacity depends on the number of users and the retention period. The best aspect of on-premise email archiving solutions is that users can access this service over LAN or WAN.


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Email Archive Appliance

There are three ways of deploying an email archive appliance. One is the on-premise hardware appliance. You can also deploy an email archive appliance as virtual software or as a cloud-based solution. It is also possible to use it as a combination of all three methods. However, you should be aware of the data limitations.

Usually, neither hardware appliances, software appliances, nor hybrid solutions are ideal for disaster recovery plans. These email archive appliances consist of removable devices that can be stolen or damaged. The best email archive appliances for disaster recovery are the cloud email archiving solutions.


Personal Email Archive Software

Businesses should necessarily have email archiving solutions. It is better if they opt for cloud-based email archiving solutions. However, if you need to archive personal emails, you can use the on-premise archiving appliances or opt for the cloud email archiving solutions depending on your requirements. Having a personal email archiving solution can help reduce the risk of data theft from both internal as well as external sources. A robust personal email archive software can be a handy tool in today’s circumstances.


On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions

On-premise email archiving solutions have their limitations because of the storage capacity of the servers. Secondly, the more the number of users, the less space you have for archiving your messages. On-premise email archiving solutions can be risky as the data is prone to theft or pilferage. A cloud email archiving solution is any day better.


Final Words

Preserving records is imperative in today’s business. As almost all activities take place online, it has become necessary to preserve emails. Cloud email archiving solutions are the best when it comes to the storage of data and disaster recovery. They are also useful to meet regulatory compliance.

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