A Brief Guide for Choosing an Email Archiving Software

Why organizations should go for open source archiving solutions and a basic idea of Office 365 and Outlook email archiving software.

The email has become an essential medium for communication, especially for businesses in today’s digital age. Organizations receive a large number of emails every day, and, sometimes, it becomes difficult to retrieve old emails quickly when the need arises. Thus, a reliable email archiving software is necessary to make the task convenient and easy.


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What Is An Exchange Email Archiving Solution?

It is a systematic approach for saving data from all the email messages, including the attachments, on a server, which may be located either on-premise or in the cloud, for easy retrieval whenever required. A copy of the email is created for indexing and storing it in a database so that it can be easily accessed. The contents of the emails are available in a read-only format.


The Process Of Safekeeping Necessary Emails Using Email Archiving Open Source

The need for secure retention and protection of emails cannot be underestimated in the enterprise infrastructure, where over 90 percent of the business communication takes place in the form of emails. However, there’s no doubt that many organizations, especially SMBs, cannot afford paid services for that. For affordable email archiving open-source and cheap solutions are also available.  Such solutions are also reliable and provide useful features like compliance, knowledge management, litigation support, and storage management.


Choosing An Efficient Cloud-Based Or On-Premise Email Archiving Solution Depending On The Various Needs of the Business

With so many archiving software available in the market today, it is imperative for organizations to follow specific parameters to shortlist the most suitable one. They should carefully consider factors like:

  1.   Size Of The IT Department
  2.   Storage Requirement
  3.   Company Budget
  4.   Security Features


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Benefits Of Using Email Archiving Software

  1.   The email message and attachments are compressed before storing so that the storage space is reduced.
  2.   It prevents the loss of valuable data.
  3.   It is available at an affordable price according to different requirements.
  4.   There is no restriction on incoming emails due to space constraints after using the email archiving software.
  5.   It improves server performance by providing fast retrieval of emails.
  6.   Encryption and storage of emails ensure data security and reduce the risk of access by attackers.
  7.   It is effortless to save and share a large volume of data.


The Brilliant And Flexible Functionalities Of Email Archiving Solutions Office 365

For organizations that aim to streamline the archiving of crucial emails, Office 365 is an ideal solution. It supports both cloud-based and on-premise email archiving, which can be enabled with a simple procedure. It also provides one of the best exchange email archiving solutions by giving users unlimited storage space.


Using An Outlook Archive Software

Enterprises with varying organizational needs, look for an Outlook Archive Software that stores all the Outlook emails in a centralized repository, based on the exchange server. An outlook archive software enhances the functionality of the widely used Microsoft Outlook software.

Managing a large number of emails is by no means an easy task. Keeping the messages safe and ensuring regulatory compliance are the main concerns that organizations have to address. To help with these issues, the use of exchange email archiving solutions is necessary. Now that you’ve seen the various aspects of archiving, you can make an informed decision while selecting an ideal email archiving software or appliance for your business.

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