Email Archiving Cloud Solutions: How They Possess Much Greater Significance Than You Can Imagine

The ease of retrieving email messages from an archive makes it one of the preferred methods of email storage.

What Is Email Archiving?

The use of the internet is increasing day by day. Hence, it becomes imperative for business organizations to correspond through emails. Storing emails for record purposes has become the need of the hour. One of the best ways to ensure proper storage of email messages is email archiving. Email archiving is a process in which emails are stored and made searchable as and when required.


email archiving cloud solutions

What Makes Email Archiving Cloud Solutions Special?

Email archiving cloud solutions are a type of mechanism in which the emails are copied and indexed in a secure cloud environment. From storage to safety, email archiving cloud solutions are ideal, and they also improve the email management process.

We shall now look at some of the advantages of email archiving cloud solutions:

Secure and centralized location

Email archiving cloud solutions provide a secondary storage space over the cloud, which is secured.

Easy to deploy

The implementation of the software is quick and does not require much intervention from the user’s side.

Pay as you use

This aspect is probably one of the most significant advantages of email archiving cloud solutions. You pay only as much as you use. This solution has a lower initial cost. Hence, there is no need to capitalize the expenses.


An email archiving cloud solution typically offers an unlimited amount of storage space.

Automatic archiving

Cloud archiving solutions do not require much manual intervention. The maintenance, security, and monitoring are taken care of by the service provider.

Apart from knowing the benefits, one should also understand some of the weaknesses of the email archiving cloud solutions. Here are some of them:

Charging per seat

When you use cloud storage, you pay for both -active as well as inactive mailboxes. As people keep on changing in the organization, these costs can go up. Therefore, it can result in recurring budget allocations.

Security can be an aspect

The cloud is otherwise a secure place to store data. However, there can be breaches, especially when you share cloud storage with other business enterprises. If the other business gets hacked, the chances of your business data getting compromised become high.

Limited customization

Not all email archiving cloud solutions offer the benefits of social media integration, instant messaging, and so on that are essential from the compliance angle. This limited customization is one of the most significant drawbacks of cloud solutions.


Email Archiving Solutions Comparison – A Healthy Competition

A few years ago, the number of vendors for email archiving solutions was limited, but with the advancement of technology day by day, the number of solutions providers has also increased.

Now we can see different types of solutions such as software, hardware, virtual, cloud, hybrid, and native email solutions available in the market. The following points highlight some of the different aspects of each type using email archiving solutions comparison:


Solution Additional Purchase On-site Deployment Off-site Deployment
Native Email Server


Exchange Archiving Solutions – One Of The Best Archiving Solutions

Exchange archiving solutions provide a smarter way to work with business-class email and calendaring. The exchange server helps you to move emails in the personalized inbox and move in an organized way to view and interact with email.

The following are a few of the benefits of using exchange archiving solutions:

  • It keeps your relevant data in one place by providing users with a native and well-integrated user experience.
  • Archive storage in exchange solutions such as in Microsoft Office 365 provides each subscriber with 50 GB in their archive mailbox, providing access to historical information.
  • eDiscovery feature allows the user to find, produce, and manage data across your organization.
  • Automatic patching eliminates the time and effort needed to maintain and service your email archive system.


email archiving


Email Archiving Open Source Solutions Can Do The Trick

We have seen that limited customization of email archiving cloud solutions is a significant disadvantage. One way of setting things right is to have email archiving open source solutions. When you have an open-source platform, it becomes convenient to customize the software to use it to your advantage. Every business is not the same, and hence there are diverse needs. An essential email for a financial business entity might not have the same degree of importance in the healthcare industry. Therefore, email archiving open source software solutions have become an instant hit nowadays.


Personal Email Archive Software Is Essential For Effective Archiving

Email archiving solves a significant issue in the fact that this solution helps in isolating your essential emails from junk data. In this digital era, it is pretty common to find email inboxes full of junk data. Therefore, you can lose track of your business emails. As the emails keep piling up, you could face a shortage of inbox space. Hence, you might not receive the critical emails that you might have been expecting for a while.

Email archiving can help you in this regard. A personal email archive software solution can help archive your crucial emails and store them in a distinctive email inbox. It becomes easy to retrieve such emails whenever required.

A combination of personal email archive software and email archive cloud solutions can be beneficial because you can store your emails on the cloud. Therefore, it becomes easy to access them from anywhere.


Final Words

Email archiving has gained in significance because of issues like regulatory compliance. The courts of law also recognize archived email messages as admissible evidence. The fact that it is not possible to tamper with archived email messages makes it a crucial piece of evidence. It also helps in establishing an audit trail. Thus, email archiving cloud solutions have come to stay in today’s digital age.

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