Crucial Aspects Of Outbound Email Templates That Can Help In Efficient Email Marketing

In this age of digital marketing, emails are the primary mode of communication. Businesses use emails to correspond with both existing and prospective customers. An outbound email is the first mail that you send to a potential customer. It is generally a cold email that is different from the regular emails that you send to your other business acquaintances. We shall examine some crucial aspects of outbound email templates that can help you build meaningful relationships with your customers.

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The Subject Matter Counts A Lot

The subject line must be thought of as a vital part of any outbound email template. One should follow these guidelines when it comes to subject lines as they have a crucial bearing on your communication.

  • As far as possible, use the name of the recipient. It can impress the prospective customer and ensure that he/she reads the email.
  • Be as specific as possible. It makes sense to make it personal. The more clear you are with your message, the higher the rate of success.
  • Your outbound email should not appear as a marketing email. Make sure there is something of value to the customer.
  • Try to experiment by seeking answers to their questions in the subject lines.
  • Your subject line must be such that it connects directly with the email message content. If there is a disconnect, you could end up with adverse responses.

An Ideal Cold Email – Outbound Email Templates To Write The Perfect Email

Usually, you find two types of approaches to cold-call emails.

  • Either you email someone high up in the organization’s hierarchy seeking a referral to someone down the line.
  • Or you email the decision-maker directly requesting for signup or book a meeting.

Let us look at some outbound email templates seeking referrals within the organization.

Outbound email template example – 1

I am ABC from PQR Co., who is heading the business development department. Our company has launched an innovative product that should be of great use to your business.

I would be thankful if you could connect me with someone from your organization who is responsible for handling such projects.

If that person happens to be you, I would be extremely pleased to connect with you on a fifteen-minute call to explain the details.

I greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Outbound email template example – 2

Hi (customer’s first name),
I trust I am not bothering you much. Could you please connect me with the person handling the concerned (related to your product or services) department?
Thanks in advance.

Here is an outbound email example of a direct approach to the decision-maker.

Cold email example

I hope all is well. I wanted to reach out because we would like to take matters further (Use this opportunity to explain your products or services in a few lines).

Our company has the right platform to help your business. We can do so by (List out the benefits to the customers). We would like to have a quick call to finalize things.

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How To Send Cold Emails Using These Outbound Email Templates

One of the advantages of using these templates is that these will help you save your valuable time. All you have to do is to edit and reuse them, depending on the customer.


  • Set up an account with an outbound email service provider.
  • On signing up for the account, you can create a new outbound email template by inserting tags and adding attachments.
  • The next step is to import the leads and select the one to whom you have to send the cold email. Select ‘Import Data’ and drag and drop your email list. You may also paste from MS Excel or import the data from a CRM.
  • Alternatively, you may open your lead list and visit the lead actor’s page. Click to send an email and then choose the template. You can now choose to send the email immediately or schedule for later, depending on your requirements.
  • In this way, you can send more emails with catchy cold email subject lines and close as many deals as possible.

The Follow-Up Email Is Crucial

The outbound email is the first piece of correspondence where you initiate a conversation with the prospective customer. Once you send the outbound email, you can proceed with a follow-up email.

The follow-up email is critical because it helps to develop a long-standing relationship with your prospect.

Once you send a follow-up email, you can get an inbound email from the recipient in return, evincing interest in your business. This inbound email can help you to formulate the ideal strategy to proceed further.

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Tips And Tricks To Write The Ideal Outbound Email

Whatever outbound email template you use, there are specific points to take care of to create an efficient email. Here are some simple tips that could help you to improve your outbound emails and generate business leads quickly.


Learn to look at things from the other person’s viewpoint. Understand what the other party wants. Restrict your outbound email to the customer’s needs alone.


Do not write too much about your organization and your achievements. The customer does not have any interest in such information at this stage of the business relationship. There are social media to share such information.

Customer benefits

Talk more about the benefits of your product and services rather than the features. Once you receive a reply, you can proceed with the features, as well, to close deals.


Build credibility by providing accurate information. Back your claims with statistics if available.

Know your customer

Know your reader well. Your message should be of interest to the recipient. You should research your customers thoroughly. It helps you to know their likes and dislikes.

Final Words

You have seen the importance of the outbound email service and looked at some critical aspects of ideal outbound email templates. These outbound email examples can be helpful to your business in bridging the gap between you and your prospective customers. Remember that time is as invaluable for your customer as it is for you. These email templates can help your business by easing your marketing campaigns and efficiently building up essential deals for your organization.

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