Meet Data Governance Demands and Lower Institutional Risk Save, Store, Search - you find exactly what you need — whenever you need it.

Why Archiving

An archive should support the way you work rather than forcing you to adapt to its limitations. DuoCircle Email Archiving securely preserves your email communications and all attachments, making them searchable and accessible in the cloud. You avoid limitations and reduce the risks and costs associated with email management, archiving, compliance and discovery.

You are able to securely preserve your email communications and file attachment in a secure and dynamically scalable cloud archive for compliance, risk reduction and discovery readiness. Save your time and money with the most flexible email archive system for businesses of all sizes.

Order Archiving From as Little as $5 /user/month with No Minimum Users

Easy to Search

Find and access exactly what you need in seconds with fast and accurate search tools. The Email Archiving Solution features:

  • Wildcard
  • Boolean
  • Proximity
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Custom query searches
    It provides granularity that makes it faster and easier than ever before for you to search and retrieve email and attachments. There are no limitations on the number of mailboxes per search, volume of results per search or number of concurrent searches. Keyword statistics are rendered for all searches.

Take Action

You are able to filter, tag and export relevant content to meet:

  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • Corporate governance demands
    Easily set up role-based permissions to make certain your legal, HR and other teams have the right levels of access. DuoCircle’s Email Archiving solution enables flexible data export as PST, EML or PDF files. Target specific and relevant search results and weed out those you don’t need. Flexible export settings mean you can download individual messages and attachments or entire search results with ease.

Email Archiving Benefits

Rapid Deployment

Implementing your Email Archiving solution is quick and easy; you can be up and archiving in less than 20 minutes. There’s no hardware or software to buy and no need to have anyone on-site for installation.

  • No client or server agents
  • No additional infrastructure
  • No lengthy service engagements
  • No email downtime during deployment
  • Hands-free installation

Data Security and Compliance

Your Email Archiving solution protects your data with industry-leading safeguards and protocols, including encryption for data in transit and at rest. Your data is safeguarded in geo-dispersed data centers that are FISMA, ISO 27001, SSAE- 16, FedRamp and PCI-DSS compliant.

  • All your data in the archive is stored in immutable WORM format and cannot be changed once it is archived by anyone for any reason
  • Authenticated user access provides an added layer of security
  • Audit trails make it easy to see what happened and when
  • Role-based permissions (including Active Directory integration) make certain the right people have the right levels of access

Freedom from Limitations

DuoCircle Email Archiving frees you from the limitations other archives impose such as number of mailboxes per search, volume of results per search or number of concurrent searches. Search results are rendered quickly with no timeouts.

Stop wasting time and money on compliance, legal and governance requirements. Start protecting your intellectual property and your business from unnecessary risk. Preserve your valuable business data with DuoCircle Email Archiving.

Order Archiving From as Little as $5 /user/month with No Minimum Users

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