Last Modified: December 9, 2014


Service of Process by Law Enforcement
DuoCircle accepts service of subpoenas, warrants and court, subject to payment of costs as follows:

via email at:

DuoCircle’s physical address is:
Custodian of Records
DuoCircle LLC
3914 Murphy Canyon Road
Suite A-214
San Diego, CA 92123

Acceptance of service by facsimile or email is strictly conditioned upon payment of charges. DuoCircle reserves the right to require payment in advance, to withhold delivery of information until payment is received and to seek enforcement of charges. Entities that fail to pay charges must physically serve process to DuoCircle in the State of Delaware.

Requesting parties will be notified if hourly charges apply and can receive a non-binding estimate.

Time for Response
Requests are handled in the order received, subject to other pending or expedited requests.

Record requests should be limited to the narrowest period of time possible or a significantly longer time may be required to respond. Expedited responses for information, if available resources permit, will generally be provided within 3 business days.

Status Requests and Questions
Questions and status requests will only be accepted by one of the following methods. For security reasons, all questions should be submitted in writing along with a copy of the subpoena and response as follows:

Email at:

To prevent unnecessary delays, please do not contact DuoCircle to inquire regarding the status of a request until after 10 business days in the case of regular requests and after 3 business days in the case of expedited requests. After that period, email a copy of the original subpoena and a cover page asking for the status to DuoCircle at the email address provided herein.

Cost Reimbursement

From 18 U.S.C. § 2706:
“…a governmental entity obtaining the contents of communications, records, or other information… shall pay to the person or entity assembling or providing such information a fee for reimbursement for such costs as are reasonably necessary and which have been directly incurred in searching for, assembling, reproducing, or otherwise providing such information. Such reimbursable costs shall include any costs due to necessary disruption of normal operations of any electronic communication service or remote computing service in which such information may be stored.”

To defer the cost to DuoCircle of compliance, payment of the following minimum fees is required for all subpoena, court order and warrant requests, except for child pornography or abduction investigations.


Cost Item/Action
$50.00 Basic account information (per host name)*
$75.00 Basic account information – expedited handling (per host name)*
$0.25/Page Printing, photocopies and facsimiles exceeding ten pages
$25.00/30 Pages Express delivery
$100.00/Hr./Person Handling requests requiring greater than 0.5 hours of work ($50.00 minimum charge)
$150.00/Hr./Person Handling expedited, if available, of requests requiring greater than 0.5 hours of work ($75.00 minimum charge)


* Inaccurate requests and/or requests concerning non-DuoCircle host names result in a charge of a fee of $25 per inaccurate or non-DuoCircle host name request.

There is no charge for child pornography or endangerment investigations, unless expedited response is sought.

Acceptable Payment Methods

  • Credit Card – American Express, Visa, MasterCard & Discover accepted.
  • Check – Make payable to “DuoCircle LLC and mail to:

Subpoena Compliance Payments
DuoCircle LLC
3914 Murphy Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92123

Include subpoena number on all communications payment of charges.
Contact Information
No status requests concerning subpoenas accepted. For more information, please contact the Custodian of Records,

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