Only The Top SSL Brands

We offer the best price to 6 of the most globally recognized brands in the SSL industry.

With RapidSSL secure your Site fast with this Simple & Easy Solution.


With GeoTrust quickly secure your www or non-www domain with a recognized brand.

With Symantec protect your code with the most trusted name in web security.


Comodo domain validated certificate can be issued in minutes.

Thawte certificate offers the highest industry standard for authentication as well as an encryption.

The Complete SSL Solution

Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Are a fast and simple way to secure your website with industry-standard 128- or 256-bit encryption. The process of obtaining one of these SSL certificates couldn’t be easier. A file-based authentication method can also be used and is recommended if you have direct access to the server that hosts your domain name. Learn More


Wildcard SSL Certificates

If you have a website that has multiple sub domains, you’re going to love wildcard certificates. Rather than having to purchase an SSL certificate for each and every sub domain, you can actually protect them all with just one wildcard certificate. This can lead to some major savings and make managing your SSL portfolio a breeze. Learn More

Organization Validated SSL Certificates

Organization Validated certificates, or OV certificates, are a type of SSL technology that offers full 128- to 256-bit encryption to websites of businesses and other registered organizations. The difference between OV certificates and domain validated (DV) certificates is that a little extra vetting is required to confirm that you not only own your domain but that your organization is also legit. In most cases, it only takes a couple of days and you’ll be all set. Learn More

Extended Validation SSL Certificates

In the world of SSL/TLS, EV certificates are the gold standard, or may be we can call it the “green” standard. This complete SSL solution not only encrypts your website, safely protecting user information from prying eyes, but it also comes with a variety of extra premium features that have proven to boost trust & clearly demonstrate that you’re in fact someone safe to do business with. The main way EV certs do this is by way of the green address bar! Learn More

Our Top Picks

Protect One Website

$55 per year
  • Secure One Website
  • Boost Search Rankings
  • Build Customer Trust
  • 24/7 live support

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Protect Multiple Subdomains

$194 per year
  • Secure a Single Site & Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Boost Search Rankings
  • Build Customer Trust
  • 24/7 live support

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Protect Multiple Websites

$193 per year
  • 5 Sites included and Secure up to 100 sites
  • Boost Search rankings
  • Build Customer Trust
  • 24/7 live support

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