What Are The Essential Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Spam Filtering Solutions

Spam is an ever-increasing threat in the cyber world. We can gauge the extent of this menace from the fact that almost half of the emails received across the globe count as spam. A spam message carries different forms of malicious content and is a top-rated electronic junk. Besides carrying out employee training exercises, enterprises need an all-round approach to tackle this threat.

Therefore, unless an enterprise has a system of reliable and effective spam filtering solutions, it remains vulnerable to the danger. A spam filtering service, be it a cloud-based spam filter, or on-premise solution, employs pre-defined criteria, which looks through the overall content of an email. If the content doesn’t align with the set standards, it will be detected and ultimately blocked from entering the user’s inbox.


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5 Essential Features of Spam Filtering Solutions

Before selecting a spam filtering service, organizations need to look for the following features:

Outbound And Inbound Spam Filtering

Spam filters work on receiving as well as sending emails. When they apply their protocols on received emails, then it is known as inbound spam filtering. Incoming spam filters track the sender’s IP addresses from which the message originated. On the other hand, prevention from sending malicious emails is known as outbound spam filtering. Both types of filtering services protect the enterprise’s reputation, along with detecting spam and categorizing spam.

Efficient Spam Filter Relay

Spam filter relay is a powerful end source relay server that offers a secure configuration system. These servers unite through multiple servers and download configuration data regarding users and domains. This feature further allows the relay to apply efficient filtering of inbound messages. Users are protected from senders that do not exist in the safe mail network.

All-In-One Solution

It means looking out for viruses, along with denial of service attacks and directory harvesting attacks. Detecting viruses is an essential feature of good spam filtering solutions. Some services make use of different spam filters at a single time, to ensure blockage of spam from every possible angle.

Informative And Accountable

A spam filtering solution without adequate instructions and information is not a reliable service. It should provide necessary information about your queries and also instructions on making efficient use of the service. They should tell how inbound and outbound messages are filtered. Plus, the list of suspended senders or archived emails should be transparent. An accountable response on the part of spam filtering solutions is mandatory. The probability of occurrence of false positives should be zero so that the organization doesn’t face a loss of its essential data.

Compatibility With All Platforms

Restrictions on using specific platforms may not prove to be helpful and might increase the operational cost. Spam filters can be installed either as software or as hardware. But, today, organizations are shifting fast towards cloud-based spam filter solutions because of the inherent advantages they bring. So, looking for platform compatibility in the cloud-based filter is also one of the primary concern. Superior cloud-based technology is always known to remain up to date.

Some Enterprise Spam Filter Reviews And Ratings

Given below are some of the enterprise spam filter reviews and ratings of best enterprise email security software mentioned at Capterra.

Email Security Cloud by Symantec

Rating 4.5/5
Top review: ‘High-end email security.’

Spam Titan by TitanHQ

Rating 4.5/5
Top review: ‘Antispam that is affordable, flexible and powerful.’


Rating 5/5
Top review: ‘Robust, versatile and reliable.’


Rating 4.5/5
Top review: ‘MailCleaner is a complete and free email solution for you.’

Comodo Dome Antispam by Comodo Group

Rating 4.5/5
Top review: ‘My preferred antivirus software.’

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