Leverage Cloud-Based Email Archiving Solutions For Efficient Email Management

For a large enterprise, this is often a significant issue: What will happen if the mails are in overabundance in the organization’s central email server? But as every problem comes with a solution, we are going to learn about an essential service called cloud-based email archiving solutions mainly intended to keep an organization’s emails safe. A cloud-based email archiving solution enables storing copies of user’s emails in secure data centers so that one can search and retrieve them anytime from the central email repository.


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Why Email Archiving Solution Open Source Is Beneficial

It is preferable to choose an open-source email archiving solution as it can store all kinds of business communications and provide the users with the following benefits:

  • Saving each incoming and outgoing email without manual intervention automatically
  • Providing indexed emails for quick search and retrieval
  • Perform archive backup regularly
  • Maintenance at ease
  • Affordable costs
  • Free of viruses
  • Able to perform email recovery
  • Offering multilayer security
  • Compatibility in all operating systems like Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Comes with a web interface

Primarily, there are two types of archiving solutions – hardware and software, and one more that blends the first two – hybrid. It is vital to know all of them to understand their limitations. Let’s have a look at them and draw a comparison.

Email Archiving Solutions Comparison: How To Choose The Right Solution?

For any organization, choosing the personal email archive software that meets all the requirements can be a tedious task, hence email archiving solutions comparison will help decide. Some of the types of email archiving solutions available today are hardware, software, hybrid, cloud-based and on-premise email archiving solutions. Each solution comes with a unique feature with regards to their safety, access, maintenance, and storage. Also, they are bound to get destroyed, lost or altered during the transaction with unauthorized practices.

Hardware archive solutions, software archive solutions and hybrid solutions (which is a combination of both) do provide email archiving but face data maintenance limitations. Hence, organizations have to look for other options like buying more storage space, reassign space, or other servers or migrate data. However, doing all of these will affect the performance and result in incurring more costs.

Cloud-based email archiving solutions are free of these issues. The data is continuously backed up and scanned for viruses. With indexing options, businesses can quickly search the indexed emails and export the requested information within minutes, thus giving improved efficiency. They ensure that the organizations do not lose a single important email, are easy to deploy, use and manage.

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On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions Vs. Cloud-Based Email Archiving Solutions

On-premise email archiving solutions give a fierce competition to Cloud-based email archiving solutions. Let’s look at some differentiating points between the two:

Storage Capability

Cloud-based email archiving solutions provide unlimited storage space. The user only needs to pay a monthly subscription rate to maintain unlimited storage. On the other hand, the storage offered by an On-premise email archiving solution is limited, and the user can opt for it based on the storage space requiremenst. Expansion is possible to double or triple, which most of the vendors provide.

Thus, the differentiating point regarding the storage between On-Premise and Cloud-based email archiving solutions is that it is limited for the On-premise email archiving solution, while unlimited for cloud-based.

Solutions Management

The management of On-premise email archiving solutions requires the IT infrastructure and personnel for monitoring the archiving and maintaining hardware while third-party professionals typically manage Cloud-based email archiving solutions.

Data Access And Security

Only the in-house IT managers can access and grant permission to the employees to access On-premise email archiving solutions, while Cloud-based email archiving solutions can be accessed and managed by third-party providers.

Hence in terms of obtaining permissions and overall business data security, On-premise email archiving solutions are more secure than Cloud-based email archiving solutions. Moreover, in the event of data being hacked, On-premise solutions are favored over Cloud-based solutions, as the latter doesn’t provide the user with the exact location of the stored data.


Thus, one can now get a clearer idea regarding Cloud-based email archiving solutions and how they are different from other email archiving solutions. They provide the user with easy data retrieval options and are designed in a way so that one never misses out on any relevant emails.

We have also tried to cover up the points regarding why cloud-based email archiving solutions stand out from other solutions based on their flexibility and ease of use, along with the cost of installation and maintenance.

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