Understanding Email Gateway Definition For Beefing Up Organizational Security

A simple email gateway definition for the layman would be that it is a machine that acts as a connection between multiple networks. It helps in the execution of the communication protocols along with active constraints that use a similar protocol between several systems. Thus for connecting two networks, the most straightforward mail gateway is used with the same kind of protocol or the mailer constraints. Therefore, the messages passing through the email gateway are encrypted, especially the outgoing mails, and the incoming emails, decrypted.


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Here’s How Email Gateway Works As A Robust Security System For The Incoming And Outgoing Emails

Going by the secure email gateway definition, it is evident that the gateway reduces the number of threats for the user credentials, sensitive data of the organization, email hosts, etc. Additionally;

  • It offers a practical and robust framework of the technologies that protect the threats that are carried away by email.
  • It acts as an active firewall for the email of the users, by scanning the inbound and the outbound email for the severe malicious content.
  • The secure email gateway prevents all the malicious contents of the mail from reaching the targeted user or the intended recipients.
  • Some secure gateways also offer capabilities for data loss prevention. They thwart intentional or inadvertent leakage of sensitive information via an email message.

These are some of the ways how email gateway works

Steps Involved In Setting Up An Email Gateway Free Service

  • The gateways that get set up in the server of an organization analyze the emails for threats.
  • The incoming emails get decrypted by the protocols of the email gateway.
  • The outgoing emails are encrypted so that they can get scanned for the malicious contents of the email, malware, and viruses. (Note: The service of free email gateway also varies from one type of gateway to the other.)
  • Apart from the decryption and encryption technique, there are different types of email filters too. Since secure email gateways monitor network traffic, they filter email messages before they reach users’ inboxes.
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email gateway

Some Hosting Email Gateway Examples

For entry-level enterprises, it can be quite challenging to choose how to set-up the perfect email gateway infrastructure for their business. Here are some email gateway examples:

  • On-site hardware appliance
  • On-site virtual appliance
  • A public cloud
  • A hybrid approach – combining on-site presence with public cloud

Going by the Email Gateway definition, they can significantly help all types of enterprises to boost their security. They go beyond the traditional detection capabilities of legacy anti-phishing and antivirus tools and offer more sophisticated detection and prevention capabilities. Additionally, to stay up to date with the latest threats, they make use of threat intelligence. Thus, it is a prudent choice for organizations to choose an email gateway which suits their requirement.

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