How To Stop Phishing Emails And Safeguard Your Organization’s Data

Advancements in technology have made business operations a lot easier. However, from a different angle, cyber-criminal activities like phishing are also on the rise. Malicious actors are getting more tech-savvy, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate between authentic and fraudulent emails. Hence, robust measures are required to stop phishing emails.

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How To Detect Phishing Attacks?

How to detect phishing attacks the first step in the process of safeguarding critical data assets. It is easier said than done as the malicious actors adopt various techniques to make the emails look authentic. However, usually, some apparent signs suggest that it is an attempted phishing attack, as the ones discussed below:

  • Mail Sent From A Public Domain: Genuine organizations usually have dedicated email domains. It is best to look up the organization’s email address online in case of any doubts. Do pay close attention to the sender’s whereabouts.
  • Misspelled Domain Name: Domain names are readily available to anyone. Fraudsters come up with new URLs resembling genuine addresses.
  • Suspicious Links Or Attachments: One typical hint among all phishing emails is the presence of malicious links or attachments. It usually requires you to click a link leading to a fake website, where it asks for your credentials and other sensitive information.
  • Creation Of A Sense Of Urgency: The more one delays responding to an email, the more alert one becomes. If given sufficient time, one goes into the details, noticing things that are wrong or suspicious. Beware of emails that refuse adequate time and create a fake urgency.

How To Stop Phishing Emails?

The two common ways to stop phishing emails are using phishing prevention software and following best phishing protection practices. Both are required for full protection from phishing attacks. While software can filter phishing emails and provide a significant amount of protection, individuals also need to take precautions and cultivate an awareness of how to prevent phishing and spoofing attempts.

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The Advantages Of Anti-Phishing Software

The following are some of the advantages that email phishing prevention software provides.

  • Comprehensive defense against advanced phishing attacks
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal IT support
  • End-to-end and real-time threat analysis
  • Instant protection off or on the corporate network even for mobile devices
  • Increasing awareness of threats and reinforcing security policies


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Phishing Prevention Best Practices

Though anti-phishing software can help significantly stop phishing emails, managers, and employees in an organization also have a crucial role in thwarting phishing emails. Here are some of the phishing prevention best practices everyone must adopt in their day-to-day life:

  • Never Click On Suspicious Hyperlinks: If you receive emails from unknown sources, never click on the hyperlinks. They could lead to fake web pages where your confidential information could be extracted.
  • Do Not Enter Personal Information In The Pop-up Windows: An common tactic used by scammers is to elicit sensitive data by asking for information using the pop-up windows. Hence, it is best to restrict pop-up windows except on sites that you trust.
  • Verify The Address Bar: If it is essential to enter personal information on a website, make sure the address bar shows ‘HTTPS’ (which is also represented by a padlock sign) and not ‘HTTP.’ The ‘s’ confirms that the site is legitimate and a secure channel.
  • Use Anti-spam Software: This practice can offer a certain degree of protection against phishing attacks by filtering out phishing emails and prevent it from spamming the inbox.
  • Updated Anti-virus Protection: Advanced anti-virus software solutions also offer protection against dynamic schemes adopted by scammers for identity theft.
  • A Reliable Firewall: Installation and maintenance of a reliable firewall can safeguard the organization against any malicious code used for phishing.

Phishing can have devastating results like unauthorized purchases, stealing funds, or even identity theft. Any organization succumbing to such attacks can suffer severe financial setbacks in addition to a loss of reputation and consumer trust. Hence, every organization or individual must be aware of how to stop phishing emails and enforce the best practices listed above.

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