Why Organizations Need To Know How To Stop Phishing Emails

Phishing is one of the commonplace threats plaguing Internet users, and its severity has increased in recent years. A phishing attack online is often initiated with a malicious email that’s difficult to distinguish from a genuine one. These emails act as bait and lure the target into a fake website, often counterfeiting legitimate sites. The victim inputs confidential information into the fake website, which the malicious actor will use for illegitimate purposes. Hence it is essential to know how to stop phishing emails.

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What Do Phishing Emails Do After Stealing Information?

What does the malicious actor do with the sensitive data collected? They can take several nefarious steps with the critical information collected from the unsuspecting victim, as described below.

Identity Theft

With the details of the social media profile, a person’s entire identity can be stolen. It is a severe crime in itself. The false identity might be used to indulge in bigger scams and even make illegal purchases.

Card Theft

Once the victim’s credit card details are exposed to the malicious actor, they can be used to make purchases, legitimate or illegitimate. Sometimes, the data is sold on the dark web.

Database Stealing

On an organizational scale, such emails can extract the entire database of employee information and blueprints and financial records of an enterprise.

There are also other ways with which the malicious actor can exploit vulnerable data. Thus, phishing emails are undoubtedly one of the most severe threats of the Internet.

Distinguishing Phishing Emails

To effectively protect oneself from a phishing attack, the foremost step is to recognize a phishing email when it arrives. Some fundamental differences can help distinguish between a genuine email and a phishing attempt.

Email Addresses

A careful examination of the email address will let one know if it is genuine or spoofed. It is one of the first lessons while learning how to stop phishing emails.

Subject Line

Look for strange or unrealistic subject lines. Legitimate emails from banks, payment applications, and social media have a precise subject line that clearly states the purpose.

Layout Of The Email

The phishing email might have attention-grabbing formattings like punctuations (excessive exclamation marks) or warnings prompting users to click on a link immediately to avoid account closure. Such tricks are meant to make the user panic and click on the malicious link.

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How To Mitigate Phishing Attacks

Some easy precautions can ensure safety from phishing on the web. Here is a concise email phishing protection guide.

Exercise Caution

Any emails that are not anticipated must be considered suspicious. Apart from the usual promotions or password change requests, any emails claiming that your security is at risk could be the cause of the trouble itself.

Be Cautious While Downloading Files

Downloading email attachments is another way by which the malware can enter the system. With mass hacking attacks becoming prevalent, it becomes vital to be cautious.

Discern The Tone Of The Email

As stated previously, phishing emails often have a panic-inducing or unrealistic tone. The user must understand that legitimate emails rarely use such a desperate style.

Look For Grammatical And Annotation Errors

Carefully scan the content for any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Legitimate organizations are unlikely to make such obvious errors, while phishing emails often contain them.

Take The Help Of Cyber Security Services

For organizations or individuals receiving large amounts of emails every day, dedicated cybersecurity services can provide the best phishing protection. Apart from phishing emails, they can also mitigate other cyber threats such as Trojan horses, viruses, rootkits, ransomware, and spyware.


Enterprises must train all employees by organizing workshops and showcasing phishing email examples. Distributing Types of Phishing Attacks PPT and guides on all aspects of phishing and simulated phishing campaigns must be undertaken.

Sharp awareness is indispensable in the war against phishing. By learning how to stop phishing emails, a significant part of cyber threat is eliminated, which is crucial for email users and organizations’ security. Both necessary precautions by individuals and dedicated cybersecurity services also have their roles in providing the best phishing protection against malicious actors.

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