How Small Business Email Hosting Can Pay Rich Dividends

Imagine you are a managing a start-up and you communicate with your prospective clients using a Gmail or Yahoo mail address. Does it look professional? No, it does not. The best solution is to opt for hosted email services that give you the freedom of using dedicated email addresses to make your business communications look more credible when compared to using services of free email hosting providers.


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What Is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service that operates and rents out email servers. These are premium hosting services that differ from those of the free email hosting providers like Gmail or Yahoo. Organizations need these services to cater to the high email traffic generated by their businesses. It also helps in distinguishing them from the others because the hosted email services use the organization’s domain name such as We are focusing on small business email hosting here because large businesses can afford to have dedicated email servers and hence, do not require email hosting services from third-party providers.

Why Should You Buy Business Email?

Business email or a professional email hosting service allows you to focus on your business while the email hosting service provider manages your email services, this is the reason why one should buy business email. Small business email hosting services come with features like forwarders, unlimited aliases, autoresponders, spam or virus protection, large attachments, email archiving and backup, folder and contacts management, IMAP/POP3, calendars, online storage, blacklists, whitelists, and mailing lists, and many others. Free email hosting providers do not offer such features.

Secondly, small business email hosting service is affordable, as many providers tailor their services to fit SMBs – offering cheap email hosting service with features optimized for them.

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What Are The Advantages Of Business Email Hosting?

Here are some benefits of small business email hosting.

Advertisement for the business

Small business email hosting is advantageous because it not only acts as an advertisement for the business enterprise but also establishes the authority of the person to act on behalf of the organization. It helps the SMB to build a brand name.

Professional communication

Free personal email hosting services are ideal for receiving and sending emails to friends and acquaintances. Businesses need to be professional while communicating with prospective clients, financial institutions, stakeholders, and the employees of the enterprise as well. Using the services of free email hosting providers to send official emails looks unprofessional.

Great features at an affordable price

Another advantage you get for paying for the service is the facility of unlimited email hosting. Besides, professional email hosting offers features like spam or virus protection, generating and maintaining mailing lists for marketing purposes, auto-responding services, and a host of others. These features help SMBs to save costs.

Storage space

Customization of storage space is another advantage of hosted email service. Almost all email hosting service providers offer optimization of space depending on the business requirements of the enterprise.


The inclusion of the domain name in your email addresses adds credibility to the email account. It helps in building trust, whereas an email sent from a free, generic email address can seem casual. Besides, it gives an option to the customer to check out the business details of the enterprise.

Small business email hosting is essential to make your emails look genuine, especially when communicating with high-profile clients and Government organizations. It adds much credibility to the enterprise as a whole and also comes with a host of useful features for the smooth conduct of your business.

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