Smtp For Sale: Why Self-Host When Cloud-Based SMTP Can Offer Everything At A Much Lower Cost?

A self-hosted SMTP server means building the complete email infrastructure from scratch. Large corporations, which have the workforce and resources, opt for self-hosted SMTP servers. But, numerous businesses and startups need to utilize their limited resources judiciously. Hence, they are always on a lookout of SMTP for sale that meets their requirements, along with providing additional benefits.


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SMTP Examples: How Does An SMTP Server Work?

Professional SMTP servers communicate using SMTP to identify each other and figure out the proper path for delivering the mail to its desired destination. When a user sends an email, it is received by an outbound SMTP server, ideally on TCP port 25, using SMTP. Once the sender gets authenticated, the outbound SMTP server analyzes it to identify the DNS server of the receiver. The DNS entry provides the SMTP server with an IP address of the inbound SMTP relay. The receiver’s SMTP server then transfers the email to its internal servers.

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Understanding Outbound And Inbound SMTP relay In Brief

Outbound and inbound SMTP relays find use in routing emails between SMTP servers. The relay has less functionality than the SMTP server, and it merely obtains the nearest SMTP server and transmits the email to it. SMTP server has added features as it sends the email to a POP3/IMAP server and also filters emails.

An inbound SMTP relay additionally acts as a firewall for the receiver’s primary servers as it detects any anomalies like the wrong domain, spam, or malware in the email. An outbound SMTP relay used the DNS entries of the receiver’s domain to gather information to ensure the delivery of emails to correct destinations.

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Advantages Of Choosing Cost-Effective Professional SMTP Server Based On Cloud

  • Deliverability: They can process high volumes of emails smoothly. Additionally, they usually tie-up with mailbox providers, which ensures top deliverability rates.
  • Scalability: The email campaign of businesses may consist of sending thousands or millions of emails. The cloud-based infrastructure handles it very efficiently, and all the messages get delivered quickly. Also, the services can adjust to an enterprise’s emailing needs, which saves them money as well.
  • Security: It’s not only limited to virtual safety. For a self-hosted server environment, there are special needs to protect against physical damage to the hardware. The cloud-based SMTP server rids the administration from pouring in their resources on this aspect.
  • Cost-efficiency: As stated earlier, self-hosted servers cannot match the cost efficiency of the cloud-based servers.

Should SMTP Server Price Be A Deciding Factor Before An SMTP Server?

There are many free smtp server options available, but they come with certain limitations. Most enterprises need their outbound SMTP to perform more functions than mere transfer or emails. They also need to send bulk emails with assured deliverability. It cannot get accomplished by using freeware.

A professional SMTP server works on controlled IP to ensure the delivery of emails. Regular outbound SMTP use non-dedicated IP, also used by spammers, which reduces the deliverability of emails. Such free SMTP servers come with a limited number of mails or relays, which is not the case with professional SMTP servers. Therefore, in our opinion, getting a professional service for your email marketing campaign is worth the investment!

Organizations need to use a professional SMTP server to function as it includes many sophisticated features and accomplishes many additional tasks other than just the transmission and distribution of emails. A free trial plan is a right launching pad for fledgling enterprises. If they plan to grow and prosper, they need to avoid “cheap SMTP for sale” ads and go with professional services. SMTP server price varies from provider to provider, so do your research before you decide.

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