SPF Fail – Get To Know Why Your Email Delivery Failure Occurs For Your Domain

Emails are amongst the fastest modes of communication. However, you may sometimes encounter technical reasons such as an SPF fail mechanism, and the emails can remain undelivered. Let us understand what the SPF fail mechanism is.


spf permerror

Variations Of SPF Fail Errors

When you analyze your domain’s DMARC and SPF records, you can encounter several outcomes. Here is an elaboration of what these outcomes could mean.

SPF records contain various mechanisms. These mechanisms can come prefixed with one of the following qualifiers.

“+” “Pass”
“-” “Fail.”
“~” “Softfail.”
“?” “Neutral”

These qualifiers can instruct a policy to apply to the IP addresses in each mechanism. Here is what each of these qualifiers denotes.

  • SPF Pass – An SPF record designates the host to be allowed to send the email.
  • SPF Neutral – The analyzer evaluates the mechanisms in order. If no modifier or mechanism matches, the default result is SPF neutral.
  • SPF Softfail – Under such circumstances, the SPF record designates the host as not allowed to send but is in transition.
  • SPF Fail – This record designates the host as NOT being allowed to send.
  • SPF none – Such a qualifier usually denotes that the domain does not have an SPF record.
  • SPF Permerror – A poorly formatted SPF record is a prime example of SPF permerror, which denotes a permanent error.
  • SPF Temperror – A temporary error can occur when there is a temporary issue while retrieving specific DNS records. It produces an SPF temperror.

What Is SPF Permerror Office 365?

You often encounter an SPF permerror Office 365 message when you use MS Office 365 to send or receive emails. It occurs when there is a syntax or format error in the SPF record. Therefore, you should ensure to set up the SPF record correctly. It should not have any additional spaces or unrecognizable characters in the DNS TXT record.

The SPF fail error can be annoying to a business entity as it does not allow it to send or receive emails on behalf of its domain. Rectifying the error is of paramount importance as email undoubtedly forms the backbone of communication for any thriving business.

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