Email Security-Based MSP Partner Program: MSP Email Security Solutions For MSP Resellers and VAR Resellers

Understand the importance of organizations to become a part of an MSP Partner Program and let us take care of your email with our email security. 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are at the forefront of providing security to enterprises who understand how important it is to safeguard information. Organizations worldwide invest a lot of money in building firewalls around their virtual assets and preventing malicious attacks on them. However, a few constraints may mar such an effort, the foremost being the right fit, and secondly, the cost.

The earlier model only used a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and a Managed Service Provider (MSP.) With the advent of the cloud, MSP Reseller, VAR Reseller, and Global System Integrators have become part of the ecosystem. It thus becomes essential for organizations to understand the differences between them to choose the right concept and leverage them for growth with MSP partner program.


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Value Added Reseller

A Value Added Reseller (VAR) is a seller of third-party software through licensing. They also provide a service as an extra and hence the name ‘Value Added Service.’ VAR resellers offers additional benefits such as designing, maintaining, upkeeping the system, backup, etc. They usually come in the form of turnkey consultancies where the bills are calculated based on hours. They have an inherent advantage over other types since integrating these technologies into the existing office infrastructure is easy, quick, and cost-effective.


Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider or MSP, or even an MSP reseller, manages the client’s entire IT infrastructure for a set monthly fee. It includes monitoring the network 24/7/365 and looking for hints of disruptions. MSP Resellers strictly adhere to established management protocols like ITIL practices. An MSP offers long-term programs with strict documentation and auditing, as most organizations prefer a long-term agreement. It is because changing a Managed Service Provider may increase costs. The MSP’s primary responsibility is to try to prevent downtime while analyzing and observing any anomaly showing up on the database. The MSP program must be able to provide enhanced multi-layered protection from advanced phishing, ransomware, impersonation, malware, and spam, etc.


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MSP Partner

An MSP Partner differs from a Managed Service Provider based on involvement. While a Managed Service Provider is only there as a preventive measure based on a monthly fee, an MSP Partner goes far beyond that. It not only looks at things strategically but also creates roadmaps that will benefit the organization. The recommended strategic roadmap will be a part of the vision statement of the organization. The MSP Partner will take responsibility for implementing it too. The role of the MSP Partner is to align the entire IT Operations site with the stated business goals. Any deviation from there may lead to redundancies, failures, and losses.

One of the other vital tasks of the MSP Partner is to innovate continuously and stay relevant in the partnership. In an ever-expanding tech space, talent must be hired, trained, and retained to keep the operations in top shape. This bench resourcing capability may ultimately make or break the relationship with the MSP program.

A Managed Service Provider only looks from a vendor’s prism while an MSP Partner looks at it from the perspective of delivering business results. For example, email remains the number one channel for cyber adversaries to steal data and COVID-19 has further increased the number of phishing attacks globally. And hence the MSP providing solutions to partners to deal with sophisticated MSP email security threats must have proven and trusted product that enables its partners to support their clients in their email protection requirements.


msp email security


Whom To Hire?

It is then essential to know whom to select since they have varied capabilities.

If the existing IT team is new and inexperienced, going for an MSP Partner is ideal.

VAR Resellers will not have the same commitment and responsibilities as an MSP Partner. Even if an establishment has the necessary resources and policies and gives consistent results but still lacks overall alignment of the entire system with the set strategies, an MSP Partner can help bring things on the right track.

Sometimes, the IT team is well-established, but results are inconsistent due to a lack of appropriate tools and resources. If there is an adequate budget for outsourcing, then a VAR reseller can do the work. They can provide the necessary technology and solutions to make the existing setup work as per the organization’s requirements and objectives. On the other hand, if the situation is due to a lack of proper management of resources, the funds must be utilized on an MSP or MSP partner who can handle the entire system as per the organization’s goals.

Each vendor has a different role to play, and it depends on the organizations to decide how they best fit them but go for the one which can provide competitive security solutions, can provide ongoing support, and has exclusive enterprise pricing plans based on your unique security needs.


Final Words

MSP Partner Programs are increasingly becoming an integral part of the IT Infrastructure, and businesses have found success by making them a part of their processes. As global system integrators, these specialized units have become the beacon in a tech-centered world as we see today.

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