A Comprehensive Guide To Email Archiving Solutions Comparison

Email archiving is an ultimate tool-in-hand to prevent the loss of confidential data as well as to clear the legal misconceptions. It is impossible to survive a business concern without a valid and sufficient email archiving solution. For the security of prevalent communication tool, we want to devise a specific article looking into its importance and various email archiving solutions comparison.


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Importance Of Email Archiving Solutions

Before we directly jump on analyzing different solutions, let us take a look at why you do need email archiving and why is it a severe, leading concern today.

Relieves Storage Requirements

As compared to the live server, the utilization of fast drivers on archiving solutions helps reduce storage requirements. Well, you can also see that a lot of data is stored daily in the form of emails on these live servers. Saving such large amounts of data also reduces the system’s performance on the one hand. It could even pose a more severe difficulty while recovering data upon system crashing. So, if you don’t have any additional backup, you can forget about your relevant data!

With the help of archiving solutions, you get several other benefits along with reducing the storage into two common ways. Most advanced compression systems compress every single email and its attachments before archiving, which saves half the space from overall storage. Next, the single instance storage or deduplication system ensures to store one copy of each attachment or message.


Tamper-proofing is an extensive feature found in feature-rich email archiving software. Unlike the solutions where you can search, retrieve, or remove email archives, tamper-proof systems are not even accessible to the IT departments for altering or removing email archives. They consist of a tamper-proof log which records the reader’s entrance as well as their activities.


The existing litigation system compels an organization to implement email archiving solutions. Three reasons are commonly found in litigation-related factors. The first one is early case assessment to check if the risk they are facing is prosecuting or defending them. In the second one, a legal hold is a great tool that is in the hands of the decision-makers. In the third one, an email archiving solution performs even before the formal legal action occurs.

Furthermore, an archiving system is helpful in e-Discovery. The process where you need to retrieve electronic documents, including social media content or mobile data can be located, secured, and searched quickly.

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Three Significant Kinds Of Email Archival

Organizations deploying archiving solutions have three major types available. Read each one of them to understand your system better and decide accordingly.

Saas Shared Email Archiving On Cloud

With email archiving cloud solutions, you need to rely upon the provider. However, in SaaS email archiving, the system includes simple subscription, configuration, and consumption of services. No management or infrastructure is required at your end except for the internet connection to allow email transfer from the primary server to the archival server.

Personal Email Archiving On Cloud

Although it looks complicated, private email archiving on the cloud requires you to install your selected personal email archive software after the creation of an account on the cloud server. The storage capacity and type of instance will be based upon the retention period and the number of users. And, you need to manage the archival setup on the cloud.

On-Premise Email Archiving

In the case of on-premise email archiving, archived emails remain within the organization’s infrastructure. Such a system would generally get installed on a separate server than email with the help of a dedicated storage area such as database server or SAN.

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Things To Look For In The Best Email Archiving Solution

You should look for the factors given below before investing in an email archiving solution.

Effective Email Archiving Procedure

Before considering any solution, you should seek for what your enterprise’s infrastructure wants. To begin with, you need to answer these questions: How robust you need your email archiving solution to be? Do you want to retain all the email attachments with the message? Are all the contents searchable? Is the available solution able to capture all the inbound and outbound email traffic?

Integration And Compatibility

Every organization is now concerned with improving the compliance of email archiving solutions. Even small companies are aware that simple functions available in their client email lack a wide range of reliable features offered by the third-party email archiving solutions. Thus, integration and compatibility mean support to various archiving scenarios that may include Office 365, on-premise Microsoft Exchange Server, SMTP journaling, processing PST files, or capturing policy-based mailbox.

Data Redundancy

It is a crucial feature of every email archiving solution. You need to check that data is spread across different data centers since more data center usage means better solutions. In case data gets lost due to natural disasters or any other reasons, you can gain access to your email archives if the provider you have selected offers high redundancy levels.

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Final Words

Email archiving is a subject that cannot be overlooked upon, especially when all the essential communications take place through email. While defining the importance of archiving solutions. Do make sure to check for the factors mentioned above to find your best email archiving solution.

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