Ensure Regulatory Compliance With Open Source Email Archiving

The process of safekeeping necessary emails for future reference is termed as email archiving. Archiving is essential when you need to retrieve data to comply with regulations. Usually, businesses, companies, and academic institutions have a greater need for email archiving than ordinary individuals. For this, there are various open source email archiving solutions available in the market.


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How Does Open Source Email Archiving Help?

Open source email archiving helps avoid all the manual work involved in targeted searching, the cons of which also include disobedience of digital auditing and internal compliance policies. To add to this are the multitude of spam emails that flood the inboxes of employees, which makes it more difficult to distinguish essential emails from the trash.

  • Open source solutions make enterprise-level archiving appliances accessible to businesses for free or a fraction of what they would typically cost.
  • Open source email archiving solutions handle automated and permanent email storage, and make the content accessible and quick to find through centralized search solutions.
  • It also ensures the auditable storage of data.
  • Open source solutions integrate with the enterprise network and standard mail servers and also offer web-based access and granular authorization.
  • They provide operators with a choice between on-premise email archiving or, cloud storage.
  • These solutions require less storage space because mail can be compressed and de-duplicated.
  • Full-text searching against mail content, in open source solutions, makes it possible to find mail content years after archiving a message.

Popular Open Source Email Archiving Solutions

Piler: A completely open source software, Piler can retrieve email from SMTP servers by a variety of manufacturers, including Microsoft Exchange. It considers legal requirements, has auditing options in place and can connect to a large number of mail servers, including Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Google Apps, and Office 365.

Benno MailArchiv: An open and flexible solution for revision-proof email archiving is Benno MailArchiv. It allows a user to reduce costs for ingesting and searching for emails and also archives emails automatically.

MailArchiva: One of the best open source email archiving softwareMailArchiva is used globally by many institutes and organizations. It can save, index, and search for emails from the email storage. MailArchiva is available in both Open Source Edition (OSE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).

Zimbra Email and Collaboration Server: Zimbra is a powerful email archiving software and server for archiving emails, contacts, and calendar messaging. It files Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, RTF, ZIP, tar, gz, and Open Office attachments and also enables a search inside these documents.

Office 365: The email archiving solutions Office 365 offers now is very convenient and also has an unlimited archiving feature.

Solutions like Outlook archive software come with rights management features, including optional directory integration. Usually, it is advisable to seek the help of an email archiving software that has features like compliance, knowledge management, litigation support, and storage management.

Since it is mandatory for enterprises to retain emails for a certain period, exchange email archiving solutions become a necessary component that needs to be incorporated to ensure better retention and protection of data. In the digital world where such services can cost a significant part of a business’s budget, open source email archiving appliances are an excellent option, especially for SMBs and start-ups.

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