Leverage Best Email Forwarding Service To Boost Your Enterprise’s Productivity

In any dynamic organization, many people manage a handful of email addresses for different purposes and responsibilities. In fact, in a start-up, there are a few people who divide and manage all the work. These employees should manage their work effectively to help the organization increase its growth. Organizations can evaluate and set up a chain of productivity tools that can contribute to this growth. Email forwarding services are considered highly effective in ensuring the same.


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What Is A Forward Email Service?

As the name suggests, email forwarding services help in the work of forwarding emails. Emails received on a particular email address will be sent to another email address. Similarly, emails sent to multiple email addresses end up in one central email address. End-user will only log into one email account, and that primary account will comprise any email that the user has received on his other email accounts. If a company executive wishes to keep its employees in synchronization, then email forwarding service can be used so that those employees receive a copy of every email.

Why Are Email Forwarding Services Needed?

Email forwarding services offer the following productivity benefits to the end-users in today’s digital world. These benefits, in turn, contribute positively to the organization’s growth.

Ease of access for emails

Just one account can comprise emails received on several email addresses. End-user can be free from the hassle of managing several email addresses from time to time.

Prevents emails from flooding the inbox

Email forwarding can offer a great deal of access control mobility to the organization. Emails can be forwarded to the right person as and when needed.

Never missing important emails

The user will never miss out on any essential emails if he/she has enabled forwarding different email accounts to one email address. Any email not received on time is a missed email. In the case of managing multiple email accounts, the user will not be able to monitor and acknowledge all the email addresses simultaneously, hence losing out on a lot of vital information.

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Types Of Email Forwarding Services

There are mainly two types of email forwarding techniques. They are differentiated based on their nature of email forwarding and re-mailing. These two types are:

Server-based email forwarding

Server-based forwarding leverages an email forwarding server, which redirects the received email to another email address. It is important to note that server-based forwarding does not store. It just acts as a mediator while forwarding the email.

This type of email forwarding is best suitable for email addresses assigned by roles info, sales, contact, business, etc. Email received on these addresses is forwarded to the designated person’s email address.

Client-based email forwarding

Client-based email forwarding is the type of forwarding where emails are re-mailed and not just redirected to the targeted email address. The user can configure the email client to forward received emails to a selective email address.

Many email clients offer incorporated email forwarding for Outlook is one such example. Outlook users can easily setup automatic email forwarding under the settings.

The receiver will be able to reply to these forwarded emails and access any attachments along with it. Users will also receive all the information about the transmitting server.

Best Email Forwarding Service To Consider

There are several options available on the internet, but the user should always choose the service which meets their organizational needs perfectly. Here’s a list of proven and renowned email forwarding services to choose from:

Forward email

Forward email is the best free email forwarding service. Forward email is an open-source solution, which is entirely free and encrypted. Forward email does not store any emails, and the entire code is available on GitHub, offering complete transparency to the user.


It is also another free email forwarding option. However, the user is only permitted five domain names to forward emails for free.


Mailgun is relatively easier to set up from the end user’s perspective. However, Mailgun is not entirely free to use. Mailgun also offers the ability to set up email forwarding and routing rules. It is one of the most reliable and reputed email forwarding service providers.


ForwardMx offers a set of tailored plans where users can choose a standard policy with enough functionalities to leverage.

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Final Words

There’s a burning need for email forwarding services for any organization that is working with large amounts of emails daily. Moreover, the benefits of email forwarding services are not limited to email routing and centralization. They can also offer additional value in terms of utilizing old dismissed email addresses and generic smaller email addresses. One can send these emails to the user’s primary email address. They can help with easier role management as well; email addresses would never change even when any assigned person leaves the organization. Employers should always keep in mind to incorporate this small but essential tool into their work ecosystem. This investment can add a lot of value to the company in the long term.

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