A Guide To Types Of Spam Filtering Solutions And How To Choose The Best One

Spam is an annoyance that affects both businesses and individuals alike. Usually, attacks caused by malware, worms, viruses, Trojans, and adware catch people’s attention, but spam slips under the radar. But, it is a severe security threat as it directly or indirectly affects every internet user.

It seems like spam is here to stay as the ratio of spam to genuine content is rising rapidly. Luckily, spam filtering solutions or email spam filter services can be deployed to filter both inbound and outbound emails from your mailbox. The inbound email filtering checks and filters the incoming emails for spam, malware, suspicious links, etc. and organizes the messages into different categories or folders. The outbound scans the user’s outgoing emails and ensures that no spam, malicious content, or sensitive data makes it out of an unauthorized server. Let’s start by learning about the types of spam filtering solutions you can choose from.

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Types of Spam Filtering Solutions

There are various spam filtering solutions available and are categorized as hardware-based spam filters, software-based spam filters, and cloud-based spam filters.

Hard-Ware Based Spam Filters

It involves the purchase of a dedicated spam filtering tool that is installed on-site. It must be chosen based on the number of domains and active email users; it will have a limited capacity since all the email traffic passes through it.

Soft-Ware Based Spam Filters

This filter for business is deployed as a virtual application and should not require any additional hardware as it can be installed on an existing system.

Cloud-Based Spam Filters

It offers the same features as physical and virtual applications, thus without the need to purchase any hardware or install any software. It’s the more cost-efficient software solution and the simplest one to deploy – users can install it on-demand because it requires straightforward configuration, and has a low maintenance cost. All spam filtering takes place through the cloud.

Cloud spam filter pricing varies considerably according to their effectiveness to detect spam, compatibility with the network defenses and existing operating systems, and their versatility. While on-premise filtering solutions offer better control, cloud solutions are better in case of storage issues. Although the software is on the cloud, the user gets total control over their filtering options.

Features To Look For When Choosing Enterprise-Level Spam Filtering Solutions

Advanced anti-spam software comes with a range of scanners, filters, and other applications. Some are paid, but free email server spam filters are available, which are equally efficient when it comes to offering a precise email filter service. Free or paid, there are some standard features that organizations must look for while choosing an email spam filter service.

  • It must be an independent email anti-spam tool that can check all incoming mails to the server and detect and delete spam messages after that.
  • The Bayesian filter is a necessary arsenal which spam filters need, considering the rapid advancement of malicious actors.
  • It must delete spam without downloading it in the user’s inbox. It will restrict the spam messages taking vast amounts of space in the user’s mailboxes.
  • A robust email anti-spam will have a flexible filtering regime. It would move suspicious emails to a dedicated folder where users can recover the email if it was marked unintentionally.
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Lastly, Always Check The Enterprise Spam Filter Reviews And Ratings

Users can get to know the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the various email spam filter services available in the market from their current and past users’ experiences. There are also independent reputed reviewers who present enterprise spam filter reviews and ratings. After going through the analysis and evaluations, users should also examine each organization’s website to determine their clients to get an initial overview of the services they offer. It should involve a more in-depth exploration of the types of solutions they offer, their approach, and problem-solving skills.

It’s always useful to make use of these resources, and researching helps to get the best shot at selecting the most efficient, tried-and-tested spam filtering solutions.

As spam threats are always evolving, it’s prudent for businesses and individual users to select the best spam filtering solutions that can detect new types of malware and viruses and stop them from devastating effects to the entire network and its servers. A superior email spam filter service will always be up-to-date, informed by the latest threat intelligence, and refined by experts to recognize and prevent more spam messages from reaching one’s system.

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