Configuring SMTP Relay Gmail For Secure Delivery Of Emails

What Is SMTP Relay Service In Gmail?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the standard way by which emails get delivered on the internet. SMTP relay is somewhat similar to the relay races, where one runner keeps passing the baton to the other until it reaches the finish line.

Through Mail relay SMTP Gmail, users can avoid wasting their crucial resources on managing their outgoing mail server. They can configure Google’s SMTP server settings into whatever program or script from which they wish to send an email. Unlike an open mail relay, which is always prone to attacks by hackers, SMTP relay Gmail is a secure way to forward emails.


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How To Setup SMTP Relay Gmail?

Any person having a Gmail account can use the SMTP relay free services offered by Gmail. Users should ensure to have the following settings for all outgoing emails.

  • The outgoing mail server is
  • User authentication should be Yes.
  • The user should use a secure connection, preferably TLS or SSL.
  • The username is the Gmail account of the user.
  • The Gmail account password serves as the password for this service, as well.
  • The user should have Port 465 for SSL and Port 587 for TLS.

Once these settings get configured on the Gmail account, the user can send personal as well as official emails free of cost using the SMTP Relay Gmail service.

Google limits the number of emails a user can send in a day, via its portable SMTP server. It restricts the number of messages sent per day to 99 emails, which gets automatically removed after 24 hours. Users can choose SMTP relay O365, which offers a higher delivery limit per day.

Benefits of Google’s Portable SMTP Relay Software

  • All the sent emails will be backed-up and searchable on Google’s servers.
  • All emails from Gmail or Google Apps account get stored in one convenient place.
  • There is a reduced probability that an ISP might block the email because Google’s server does not use port 25.

Using the SMTP relay service is beneficial because it ensures that the emails do not reach the spam or the junk folder of the recipient. Besides ensuring the prompt delivery of emails, SMTP Relay Gmail provides automated notifications of issues or problems with the email traffic. Setting up the SMTP Relay Gmail service is also straightforward that any new user can easily configure it.

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