Managed Services Offerings PPT: Points To Include In Your Pitching Module If You Are An MSP

The managed services definition implies that they are the third party or outsourced IT services that organizations hire either for better expertise or to save the cost of having an in-office IT team. A third-party IT service provider is usually called a Managed Service Provider (MSP). The vast and varied scope of managed services meaning encompasses all their diverse offerings, ranging from help-desk solutions, data backup, managed network security, object storage, and system management to other IT support services. A managed services offerings PPT file is an essential tool a provider can use to convey the correct information to the prospective customer.

managed service offerings

Types Of Managed Services

Managed service offerings were a $207.4 billion industry in 2020; the figure is likely to increase to $300 billion in the next five years. Different types of managed services make the MSP market a thriving one. An organization can rely on a managed services provider to take care of its infrastructure and security or provide general IT support in its operations.

Network Infrastructure And Security

An MSP takes up the responsibility of establishing WAPs, LAN, and other connections of an enterprise and maintaining a backup, which serves as an added security layer. They are engaged in handling other security issues also, including viruses, spam, and network intrusion. An ideal managed services offerings PPT must specifically mention that the MSP takes up all cybersecurity responsibilities from BDR solutions to anti-phishing and anti-malware packages.

IT Support For Enterprises Without In-house IT Team

For enterprises without an in-house IT management team, managed service offerings can provide help-desk consultation with an IT specialist on call to seek required IT support and guidance.

Types of Managed Service Providers

There are mainly six types of managed service providers that can be mentioned and emphasized in managed services offerings PPT. These are:

  • Basic MSPs: These MSPs provide essential services that are an add-on to an enterprise’s existing IT infrastructure.
  • Consultant MSPs: These MSPs serve as the torchbearers who guide and provide consultancy to a business’s existing IT team.
  • Fully outsourced MSPs: These MSPs ensure that organizations do not have to hire additional IT experts for security solutions.
  • Cloud MSPs: These MSPs offer services dedicated exclusively to cloud-managed enterprises. They ensure that IT services are available for organizations storing and working with data on the cloud.
  • Local MSPs: Local MSPs are often regarded as trustworthy and consistent in providing IT services. It makes them preferable for clients looking for long-term association.
  • National MSPs: The managed service provider examples for national MSPs include those that have a global footprint. They are most suitable for enterprises that have branches across broad regions and nations.

A managed services offerings PPT should highlight the significant role of managed service providers in an organization’s smooth functioning by listing the various services and providers available. Briefly explaining the various managed services examples can significantly influence the clients to elicit a favorable response.

managed services meaning

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