How to Get an SMTP Gateway Free

If you’re just starting out, every little penny you spend on your business matters. When it comes to email marketing, the ROI is 4,400%, so you can’t afford to sit out on this golden opportunity.

In this article, we discuss how to get an SMTP gateway free, so you can stretch your budget further.

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Use Google’s free SMTP server

Because they’re a major email provider, Google offers a free SMTP server for their customers to use. Because you’d be using an SMTP server at no cost, you’d get an SMTP gateway free too.

Google’s free STMP server lets you send up to 100 emails per day without paying for a subscription. If your email blasts aren’t very big, this can be an excellent solution.

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Subscribe to SMTP service

Although you have to pay to subscribe to SMTP gateway service, many added benefits make it worth your money, with the most obvious one being access to a free SMTP gateway.

First of all, you won’t have to run your own SMTP server; this can be very costly in itself. Also, you’ll have a professional third party that’ll send emails on your behalf. This means your deliverability rate will go up significantly, helping you reach your KPIs for email marketing.

Another invaluable benefit of subscribing to SMTP relay service is the added security you’ll get. Some providers offer protection against domain name spoofing and phishing. With the prevalence of these two issues, SMTP service subscription is a wise investment to make. If your organization falls victim to either one, not only can it ruin your sending reputation, but it can also compromise trade secrets.

So if your business has a limited budget, you can use Google’s free SMTP server. But this should only be a temporary solution, as it doesn’t protect you from cyber attacks.

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