What You Can Get With SMTP Gateway Service

Standard email providers have decent service, but for email marketing, you have to look to a third party. Even if you have a small budget to work with, it’s cost-efficient to use an SMTP gateway service for your marketing.

In this article, we discuss a few key things that an SMTP gateway service can help you with.

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Send from any device

When you send emails from home, you use your ISP’s SMTP server to do so. When you try to send emails from your ISP’s email when you’re not on their network, you may get an error saying that relaying is denied.

You can avoid such a problem by using SMTP gateway service. This type of service lets you set up multiple devices to send emails from your ISP’s address, including your laptop, phone, or PC.

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Better deliverability

Your ISP can’t handle sending emails en masse all at once. Even if it could, your IP would be flagged and blacklisted, which prevents your emails from reaching anyone’s inbox. This ruins your sending reputation, which is what determines whether or not your email is classified as spam.

When you rely on third-party SMTP gateway service, they can swiftly send as many emails as you need, all at the same time. Because they already have established reputations, there’s little to no risk of your emails ending up in spam folders.

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No need to run your own SMTP server

Not only can running your own SMTP server be expensive, but excessive as well. Employing the services of a third party can cost just a fraction of the price, plus they can take care of other needs, such as anti-spoofing and anti-phishing.

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Is it the same as SMTP relay service?

Yes, SMTP gateway service is synonymous with SMTP relay service. In fact, the “relay” version is much more commonly used than the “gateway” version, although you still see some providers use it.

So if you come across either term, you won’t have to worry that one service offers anything different or extra; all providers will give you third-party email sending services, and that’s all you should really be concerned with.

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