Choosing the Best Spam Filter Service For Your Enterprise

Every netizen today has access to a personal email account. However, not every user has the prerequisite knowledge of the filter technology used to categorize their emails. To begin with, one must know what a spam filter is and how does it work.

The Spam filters such as spam filter Gmail are responsible for identifying unwanted, uninvited, and virus infiltrated emails called spam and block the path for these emails, thus preventing them from reaching the inbox. These filters are used by all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure that spam is not being delivered to their customers.

Small-to-medium sized businesses and individuals make use of spam filtering services to protect their network. Some of the best free spam filters provide high functionality and zero installation cost. They become a boon when budget constraints come into play.

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Ensure Continuity Of Both Inbound And Outbound Emails

Spam filter services are used for both inbound and outbound emails. The filters use a predefined set of algorithms that each email is subjected to by the spam filter. Each of these predefined algorithms allocates a score to the particular email, which determines whether the sent or received email is spam. There is a threshold assigned to each algorithm’s score; crossing such a threshold will flag the email as spam and block it completely.

Thus, to choose the correct spam filter, one must first understand all the spam filtering techniques thoroughly and understand which suits their business’s requirements.

Spam cannot be solved using one standard technique, which results in trade-offs between legitimate emails and spam mails slipping through them. One crucial question every email marketer must have in mind is, what do spam filters look for? The filters make use of set criteria in determining whether an email is spam. The list is never-ending, but here are the most important ones for spam detection.

  • The reputation of sender domain and IP address
  • Presence or absence of images
  • Quality and safety of links in an email
  • The ratio of links to text and images to text
  • Relationship with the subscriber
  • Presence or absence of images
  • Quality of email content, subject line, and teaser
  • Inclusion of text version of the email

Factors That Influence The Choice for The Best Spam Filter Service

There are numerous factors to be kept in mind while deciding upon your business’s best spam filter service. But which type to select largely depends on your business’ preferences.

It is also contingent on the number of emails sent and received by your employees throughout the day. A permission-based filter is recommended for firms that desire tight security controls. A business receiving newsletters and articles via email prefers the content filter. Some of the factors are mentioned hereafter.

  • Spam detection rate: There are many spam filtering solutions available, but the ones with an almost 99.9% spam detection rate are best for business purposes. A high detecting spam filter reduces the average number of spam emails every day to negligible.
  • Ease of use: Spam filter software has a predefined set of algorithms with assigned thresholds to each of these algorithms. Applying these algorithms must be easy to implement by a user. The filter should be manually adjusting the threshold limit so that it is neither high nor too low.
  • Outbound scanning: A spam filter with an outbound scanning feature will help you identify whether your business account is being used for sending spam. It prevents your business account from being blacklisted by detection agencies.

As discussed above, various factors make up the best spam filtering service. Naturally, the spam detection rate tops the list, but there are other factors as well, such as ease of use, which makes it easier for even the non-technical employees to keep steer of spam. Then, organizations need to consider factors like outbound scanning and cost. However, since no two enterprises are identical, they may have different reasons for choosing a specific spam filtering service, which they can go for according to their business needs.

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