On Premise Or Cloud-Based: Which Spam Filtering Solution Is The Right Choice For Your Business Domain?

An organization’s quest for selecting the best spam filter service, which fits their requirement, includes plenty of research into the various spam filtering techniques and ratings. Understanding what a spam filter is and how it works is just the first step towards selecting the spam filter that meets the organizational needs.

Enterprises that are evaluating the best spam filtering solutions typically have two choices – on-premise and cloud-based solutions. Traditionally, on-premise solutions were the go-to option for most businesses, but cloud-based service providers are gaining steam today.

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On-Premise Spam Filtering Solutions

While cloud-based solutions may seem like the obvious choice, there are few good reasons to stick to the traditional on-premise mail servers

  • Control: What do spam filters look for? These on-premise solutions offer organizations fine-grained control over their emails and mail flow.
  • Confidentiality: The mail will stay on the organization’s network if it hits the border router. Additionally, it is easier to troubleshoot the common mail issues with on-premise spam filtering solutions.
  • Costs: Initially, the cost of deployment is higher, but it tapers off gradually compared to cloud-based spam filtering solutions.
  • Business Continuity: There could be instances where a business was using the cloud service that went out of service, leaving the enterprise out of business. Such is not the case with on-premise solutions. Users can choose diverse security solutions rather than depending on a single technology.

Cloud-Based Spam Filtering Solutions

Most organizations looking for the best free spam filter choose global providers such as Gmail as its mailbox provider. Why is it so? Spam filter Gmail leverages cloud-based spam filtering to create an efficient and effective system to filter malicious emails. Here are other advantages of cloud-based spam filtering solutions

  • Compatibility: One of the main advantages of cloud-based filtering is that users don’t face compatibility issues. They can deploy various cloud services even if they can’t run them on-premise. It is the reason why many say that the Cloud is the future of IT because providers are increasingly hosting more services on the Cloud.
  • Spam Filter Relays: Cloud-based spam filtering solutions have multiple data centers present around the globe. Every incoming email to your network will first go through the service provider’s data center to check for malware, spam, viruses, etc. Since most of these actions occur before the email reaching your server, the chances of spam getting through are minimal.
  • Price Flexibility and Affordability: Cloud-based spam filtering solutions are relatively more economical than their on-premise counterparts. It is so because users don’t need to invest in any IT equipment, personnel, or maintenance. They can subscribe to the cloud-based filters and pay for only what they use.
  • Easy Maintenance: They offer a much more comfortable maintenance experience than other spam filtering services. The cloud-based service provider takes care of all the maintenance related operations. The latest updates are part of the cloud-based spam filter subscription.
  • Scalability: It is another advantage of cloud-based filters. Users can scale up or down the number of users or inboxes quickly. Additionally, they get the ability to handle a large number of DDoS without increasing their investment.
  • Freeing Up Bandwidth: Since cloud-based spam filtering solutions do not allow a wide variety of spam to reach your network, it frees up the server bandwidth considerably.

While cloud-based solutions may offer greater scalability and compatibility, on-premise spam filters provide a more nuanced control and higher confidentiality. Nonetheless, on-premise spam filtering solutions are suitable for organizations with the required human resources to invest and those who wish to maintain business continuity in all circumstances. Cloud-based solutions are ideal for enterprises that want to implement spam filtering, leaving it upon experts to handle all their email needs.

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