All You Need To Know About Domain Keys Identified Mail – DKIM Record Check

Most of the malicious senders rely on impersonating, spoofing, or manipulating the email information. Users can filter emails that are not received from a reliable source or might have been corrupted along the way by identifying specific email signatures. These email signature records include


  1. DKIM record check
  2. SPF record check
  3. DMARC record check
spf record check

What is DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Record Check?

DKIM record check refers to a domain-level email signature authentication to identify that any email’s sender is trustworthy and authentic. DKIM record check will help DMARC decide if any email should be accepted or rejected based on the domain’s reputation and identity. DKIM record check is implemented along with SPF and DMARC for the most reliable authentication results against different threats.

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How Does DKIM Record Check Work?

DKIM record check works on the verification of the sender’s identity. DKIM signature is usually a textual string that is encrypted through elements in the email. Any altercations and modifications in these signature elements would fail DKIM verification and protect the recipient.

The sender’s DKIM signature consists of an encryption mechanism using private keys. The private key of the sender is verified with the help of a publicly available key. Email receivers such as Google, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail would receive an email and start a DNS query search to find the public key for the sender’s domain. If both keys match, then the public key can decrypt the DKIM signature. If this verification is not successful, then the receiver would be able to take the necessary action.

spf record example
what is spf record

How To Validate A DKIM Record?

If DKIM records are misconfigured, receiving email servers would not be able to validate any incoming email from the sender’s email service provider.

DKIM record checker would allow the user to perform a DKIM check. The user can check any domain name for its public domain key record. Usually, the DKIM record checker tools will test the DKIM record with the help of two things

  • The DKIM selector to verify
  • The domain address itself.

DKIM signature can be any arbitrary string of text defined into the DKIM signature, while the DKIM selector would allow any domain to have numerous DKIM public keys.

DKIM Record Check Vs. SPF Record Check

DKIM records are strings of text stored in a TXT record format similar to the SPF records. While one should implement both the record checks simultaneously, there are some minor differences based on their usability:

  • SPF record check is performed to block or filter out any phishing emails or IP addresses.
  • DKIM records are used to ensure that email is not altered along the way by manipulating the information in the middle.

DMARC record is used to establish rules for any emails that fail SPF or DKIM record checks. DMARC will determine whether any email should be accepted, rejected, or quarantined.

create spf record
dmarc record check

DKIM Record Authentication Advantages

DKIM authentication allows the user to identify if an email is legitimate or not. This identification will enable them to easily blacklist several domain addresses and avoid certain types of phishing attacks, such as the Man-in-the-middle attacks. It provides efficient safeguards against bad actors when used with SPF and DMARC.

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DKIM Record Weaknesses

DKIM record authentication would not be able to protect any user in a case where a malicious actor is using a reputable domain address. In such a case, if any malicious email gets verified by DKIM, then it can cause further infection. Also, since DKIM only authorizes some parts of the message (and not all), malicious senders can add more header fields to the email and by-pass the DKIM security check.

DKIM can help the organizations to increase their domain’s reputation with higher verification of the sent emails. More reputation and authentication would help the organization gain more trust and recognition. People would feel more comfortable when they would receive an email from a secure sender. This authentication might even contribute to higher sales and the reputation of the organization. Thus, the DKIM record check is a small but crucial step to strengthening the email security against any spoofing or phishing attacks.

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spf record check google

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