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Email Backup MX

A Backup MX Service for Mail Server Outages

30 Day Message Queue Retention Time

There are dozens of reasons why your mail server may go offline and become inaccessible. These may include an Internet connection outage, a server reboot, patching or software upgrades or even a complete and catastrophic failure of your mail server. As a business owner or system administrator you know just how critical your email is for your users, and having a correctly configured Backup MX service is one part of your disaster recovery plan.

The last thing you need when you’re scrambling to solve problems is worrying about lost email.

With DuoCircle Email Backup MX, our system will automatically backup your mail and act as a queue while your mail server is offline. Once our backup MX record is configured for your domain failover is automatic.  We will store an unlimited volume of mail including attachments in our backup MX queue for up to 30 days.

Our standard backup MX service will keep your messages in queue for 30 days and when your mail server is back online it will automatically deliver mail to your mail server. If you would like a Backup MX Service with Webmail it will allow you to read and respond to emails when your primary mail server is down.

Works with On-Premises and Hosted Email Systems

Whether you manage your own mail server such as Microsoft Exchange or use a hosted service like Office 365, the backup MX service takes only minutes to set up. DuoCircle provides you much greater control and protection over your email communication with a flexible interface for email management.


Email Backup MX

  • 30 Day Backup queue – 30 Days of MX backup service included.
  • Uncapped Email Storage – During your outage our servers will accept all the mail for your entire domain. Per message size limit 50MB.
  • TLS Encryption – All mail can be delivered with TLS enabled which creates an encrypted tunnel for secure messages delivery.
  • Unlimited Users – If you have one or one thousand users our system our backup MX server will automatically spool your mail.
  • Enterprise Grade Spam filtering – All Backup MX services include commercial anti-spam filtering, with customizable rules.
  • Activity logs – The administrator will have real time access to the mail queue and logs to verify that mail is being spooled during an outage.
  • 24/7 email, chat and phone support.
MX Backup

Backup MX with Webmail

  • Send and receive email using your own domain name
  • Convenient WebMail Interface
  • Message Replay for short term configuration errors
  • 30 day message queue
  • Automatic Failover
  • Included 50 users
MX Backup with Email Continuity